Waterdhavian Rumors

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Tarsakh, 1353 DR

Rumor has that...

  • ...one of the House Melshimber vintages coming up from Scornubel for the Vintner's Crown Faire was never sent, as part of the ongoing feud between Lady Hlanta and her cousin, Raimfre.
  • ...the Open Lord may have begun courting someone. Speculation is rampant about who this lucky lady might be.
  • ...there are diseases sweeping through the pig-farms owned by House Maerklos, and their fortunes have taken a sudden nose-dive. The wags can't help but wonder where the vaunted prophecy of the Maerklos women was when it came to this development!
  • ...a halfling ambassador from Luiren - a cleric of the halfling goddess Yondalla - seems to have disappeared in Waterdeep! His apartments in the Jade Jug were ransacked, and no one has any clue where he might have gone. Communications from Luiren are terse, although really - what are the halflings going to do? Smoke pipes at us?