Wereraven Gifts

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  • Gifts are certain powers gained by tapping into the power of one's shifter spirit.
  • There are two kinds of Gifts that are natural to wereravens, based on their Rookery Archetype.
    • Death Crow: Gifts of Death (Primal Urge), Gifts of Insight (Harmony)
    • Raucous Jackdaw: Gifts of Evasion (Harmony), Gifts of Stealth (Primal Urge)
    • Battle Rook: Gifts of Inspiration (Harmony), Gifts of Strength (Primal Urge)
    • Wise Ravens: Gifts of Knowledge (Primal Urge), Gifts of Warding (Harmony)
  • Wereravens "unlock" access to one of these categories at Primal Urge ••; they unlock the last at Primal Urge •••.

Morrigan Gifts

Gifts of Death

Aligned Trait: Primal Urge
This set of Gifts reflects an attunement with the powers of death and dying.

  • Cold Embrace: Cause others to perceive you as dead.
  • Barghest: Able to perceive ghosts and other death-infused beings in Twilight and attack them.
  • Memento Mori: Aware of allies' exact damage; can transfer wounds from them to self.
  • Bone Gnaw: Gain benefits from eating old bones.
  • Eyes of the Dead: Glimpse what killed the dead in their eyes.

Gifts of Insight

Aligned Trait: Harmony
This set of Gifts reflects supernatural insight and understanding that occurs on a spiritual level.

  • Prey on Weakness: Gain insight into the traits and limitations of an observed target.
  • Read the World's Loom: Reading omens and portents to foresee coming dangers.
  • Echo Dream: Catch glimpses of the past of a single object or location.
  • Scent the Unnatural: Smell the tainted presence of creatures and powers that defy the natural order.
  • One Step Ahead: Gain insights into the next likely steps of a target.

Gaining Gifts

There are two ways of gaining Gifts: the Sacred Hunt or the Vision Quest.

Vision Quest

This is an ordeal, the exact nature of which depends on the Gifts in question. They are ascetic and damaging in nature, leaving a wereraven weaker and stripped of strength, skill, and sense of self as the sacrifice for learning the Gift.

  • To perform a Vision Quest, the wereraven must sacrifice a dot of an Attribute, Skill, or Merit, stripping the dot to convert it back into Experiences until he has enough to pay for the Gift.
  • Not only does he lose the dot, but he cannot increase that Trait for the rest of the Arc/Season.
  • Each time this is done, it is a Breaking Point, except these are the Conditions gained:
    • Success or Failure: Disquieted
    • Dramatic Failure: Delusional, Fugue or Madness

Sacred Hunt

Only wereravens with the Pack Merit may undertake this method. The other way to gain Gifts is by enacting a Sacred Hunt, which is a Rite ••, causing a spirit of the appropriate type to manifest and allow the singular wereraven to hunt it. If the werewolf does not have sufficient Experiences to purchase the Gifts he wants, the rite automatically fails.


Gifts cost 3 Experiences to "unlock" a Gift category, gaining the first Gift in that category for free. Each Gift thereafter costs another 2 Experiences.