Wereraven Supernatural Merits

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Pack Totem (••)

Prerequisites: Pack •••••, Pack Territory (Territory Locus ••)
Effect: Your spiritual presence is strong enough to have attracted a minor spirit who acts as the spiritual guardian and patron of your pack. It feeds on the particular resonance of your pack, and tends to be associated with lupine or lunar themes, although packs with distinctively strong themes or goals may attract spirits appropriate to those elements. This is a Rank 2 spirit.

Rites (• to •••••)

Prerequisites: Primal Urge •
Effect: You can perform Rites, those acts of magical interaction with the spirit world that creatures of Essence can learn to master. Your rating in this Merit determines the maximum rank of Rite you can perform. Each dot gives you knowledge of a single Rite of that level.

Shadow Sight (••)

Prerequisites: Primal Urge •, Occult ••
Effect: Wereravens in their visceral manifestations are very sensitive to the emanations of the spirit world, allowing them to peer into Shadow at the site of a locus or into Twilight elsewhere. With this Merit, you need not be in visceral manifestation to do so. You are able to see into Shadow at a locus (or Twilight elsewhere) in human form. This happens automatically upon arriving at a locus, but requires "shifting vision" to peer into Twilight. You may shift your vision and focus exclusively on one or the other realm with a Wits + Occult roll, at a penalty equal to that inflicted by the local Gauntlet.
Drawback: As usual, focusing between the world of men and Shadow is disorienting, inflicting a -2 penalty to all Perception rolls, as well as any Wits-based rolls. You may spend 1 Essence to ignore this penalty for one scene.

Through the Raven's Eye (•• or ••••)

Prerequisites: Wereraven Template; Primal Urge ••
Effect: When using your ephemeral manifestation, you may choose your normal manifestation, or you may use this one: your raven-smoke quickly passes through the surrounding terrain until it finds a single corvid of some kind. It then enters the body of the bird, possessing it by spending 1 Essence.
Your consciousness shifts to the corvid's body, leaving your own unconscious and defenseless. While in the body of this bird, you are in complete control of it, and it may travel a number of miles away from your body equal to your Primal Urge in tens of miles. Attempting to travel beyond this distance weakens your Rookery, who abandon the bird's form and return to you immediately. You may retain this control until the sun crosses the horizon again - when this happens, you need not give up control of the body, but you must spend another Essence to retain that control.
At four dots, you may control an entire murder of corvids. You may spread them throughout the area covered in your range, shifting "perspective" from one to the next by taking a Reflexive action to do so. You may also direct your murder to attack or otherwise hinder someone, with a Wits + Primal Urge roll - each success either inflicts a point of penalty to a given dice roll the target is attempting, or it inflicts one point of bashing damage (minus Armor, but Defense doesn't apply). If an attacker manages to kill or injure at least 25% of the murder's population, your Rookery flees back to your body.

Visceral Adaptation (••• or •••••)

Prerequisites: Wereraven Template; Primal Urge •• or •••
Effect: Each Morrigan has a Rookery Archetype that influences the form and function of both their visceral and ephemeral manifestations. Some have learned to tap into greater manifestations of the wereraven Curse. At three dots (which has a prerequisite of Primal Urge ••), you may choose an Archetype you do not possess, and gain the benefits of having it for either your visceral or ephemeral manifestation. At five dots (which has a prerequisite of Primal Urge •••), you gain the benefit of having that Archetype for both manifestations.
You may buy this Merit more than once, but each instance of its purpose increases the Primal Urge Prerequisites by one, cumulatively.