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Identity: Teodor Valentin Frosbrand • Affiliation: None • Base of Operations: {{{Base}}}
Ethnicity: Caucasian (Swedish-American) • Nationality: {{{Nationality}}}
Age: 22 • Gender: Male • Height: 1.75m (5'9") • Weight: 59kg (130 lb)
Eyes: Pale blue-white • Hair: White • Other Features: {{{OtherFeatures}}}
Origin: ??? • Power Level: 10 (150 Points: Abilities 24, Defenses 0, Skills 11, Advantages 13, Powers 102)
Strength 0 Stamina 5
Agility 1 Dexterity 3
Fighting 2 Intellect 1
Awareness 0 Presence 0
Points: 24 (2pts per rank)
Defense Ranks Ability Other Total
Dodge {{{DodgeRanks}}} 1 {{{DodgeOther}}} {{{DodgeTotal}}}
Fortitude {{{FortitudeRanks}}} 5 {{{FortitudeOther}}} {{{FortitudeTotal}}}
Parry {{{ParryRanks}}} 2 {{{ParryOther}}} {{{ParryTotal}}}
Toughness - 5 {{{ToughnessOther}}} {{{ToughnessTotal}}}
Will {{{WillRanks}}} 0 {{{WillOther}}} {{{WillTotal}}}
Points: 0 (1pt per rank)
Initiative: 1 + {{{InitiativeMods}}} = +{{{InitiativeTotal}}}


Flash Freeze (Soul of Winter): +2 (Touch), Weaken (Toughness • DC 10+Rank)
Frostbite (Soul of Winter): No Roll (Touch Trigger), Damage (Cold)
Frostgrip (Soul of Winter): +10, Combo Damage (Cold) + Affliction (Fortitude • Impaired > Exhausted > Paralyzed • DC 10+Rank)
Glacial Grip (Ymir's Grip): +10, Affliction (Cold, Fortitude • Hindered + Vulnerable > Defenseless + Immobilized • DC 10+Rank)
Hailstorm (Ymir's Grip): +Area (Dodge DC 10+Rank), Damage (Cold, Bludgeoning)
Winterblade (Ymir's Grip): +10, Damage (Strength-based) + Affliction (Cold, Fortitude • Impaired > Exhausted > Paralyzed • DC 10+Rank)
Skill Ranks Ability Other Total
{{{Skill1}}} {{{Skill1Ranks}}} {{{Skill1Ability}}} {{{Skill1Other}}} {{{Skill1Total}}}
{{{Skill2}}} {{{Skill2Ranks}}} {{{Skill2Ability}}} {{{Skill2Other}}} {{{Skill2Total}}}
{{{Skill3}}} {{{Skill3Ranks}}} {{{Skill3Ability}}} {{{Skill3Other}}} {{{Skill3Total}}}
{{{Skill4}}} {{{Skill4Ranks}}} {{{Skill4Ability}}} {{{Skill4Other}}} {{{Skill4Total}}}
{{{Skill5}}} {{{Skill5Ranks}}} {{{Skill5Ability}}} {{{Skill5Other}}} {{{Skill5Total}}}
{{{Skill6}}} {{{Skill6Ranks}}} {{{Skill6Ability}}} {{{Skill6Other}}} {{{Skill6Total}}}
{{{Skill7}}} {{{Skill7Ranks}}} {{{Skill7Ability}}} {{{Skill7Other}}} {{{Skill7Total}}}
{{{Skill8}}} {{{Skill8Ranks}}} {{{Skill8Ability}}} {{{Skill8Other}}} {{{Skill8Total}}}
{{{Skill9}}} {{{Skill9Ranks}}} {{{Skill9Ability}}} {{{Skill9Other}}} {{{Skill9Total}}}
{{{Skill10}}} {{{Skill10Ranks}}} {{{Skill10Ability}}} {{{Skill10Other}}} {{{Skill10Total}}}
{{{Skill11}}} {{{Skill11Ranks}}} {{{Skill11Ability}}} {{{Skill11Other}}} {{{Skill11Total}}}
{{{Skill12}}} {{{Skill12Ranks}}} {{{Skill12Ability}}} {{{Skill12Other}}} {{{Skill12Total}}}
{{{Skill13}}} {{{Skill13Ranks}}} {{{Skill13Ability}}} {{{Skill13Other}}} {{{Skill13Total}}}
{{{Skill14}}} {{{Skill14Ranks}}} {{{Skill14Ability}}} {{{Skill14Other}}} {{{Skill14Total}}}

Points: 11 (1pt per 2 ranks)
Combat: {{{CombatAdvantages}}}
Fortune: {{{FortuneAdvantages}}}
General: {{{GeneralAdvantages}}}
Skill: {{{SkillAdvantages}}}

Points: 13 (1pt per rank)
• Soul of Winter (Dynamic Array • 34 pts): Fimbulvintr (Area Environment, 6/rank) • Flash Freeze (Ranged Weaken Toughness, 2/rank) • Frostbite (Reaction Touch Damage, 4/rank) • Frostgrip (Ranged Damage + Affliction, 4/rank)
• Ymir's Grip (Dynamic Array • 30 pts): Glacial Grip (Ranged Affliction, 3/rank) • Hailstorm (Area Ranged Damage, 3/rank +2 flat) • Ice Generation (Ranged Create Ice, 3/rank +2 flat) • Winterblades: (Melee Damage, 2/rank) • Wintermail (Personal Protection, 1/rank)
• Winterborn: Cold Form (Concealment Infravision) • Frozen Physiology (Immunity Aging, Disease, Poison, Starvation/Thirst, Sleep, Suffocation) • Icewalker (Movement 3 ranks - Arctic Environment, Trackless, Snowwalking; Speed 2 ranks - Ice Sliding) • Winter's Son (Immunity 10 ranks - All Cold, All Heat/Fire)
Points: 102
Other Traits
Equipment: • Personal Electronics: 1 pts. Winter carries a selection of standard personal electronics, mostly in the form of a phone and tablet, both on the cutting edge of development.
• Penthouse Floors of Frosbrand Plaza: 14 pts. Winter has the deed to the top five floors of Frosbrand Plaza, in New York City.
Complications: Accident (Ice, snow and water damage) • Connected (Frosbrand Industries) • Quirk (Cold Personality)


  • Son of Reinholdt Frosbrand, a wealthy European industrialist. His mother, Gloria Percival, was an American heiress.
  • His mother died when he was 11, of an aneurysm. He was there when it happened.
  • He spent most of his school years afterwards in a variety of the best academies in Europe, mixing with some of the wealthiest people in the world.
    • He had problems throughout his schooling years, tending towards an emotionally cold, aloof demeanor, one which won him few friends and quite a few enemies.
    • As a student, he proved lackluster. As a socialite he proved arrogant. It was only in fencing that he showed any real aptitude, although he was too undisciplined to achieve the skill necessary to find a place in an Olympics team.
  • He has attended a few years of university at Oxford, but again his apathy for the whole process caused them to give his place to a more deserving student, no matter who his father is.
    • His total unreadiness to take over the business is a point of contention between father and son.
  • Teodor's life is pretty useless and indulgent, all things considered: he pursues his whims, doing things like yachting in the Mediterranean, skiing in the Alps and Colorado, diving in the Bahamas, clubbing in Ibiza.
  • His life is basically one long vacation to outsiders' perspectives, without any real meaningful connections.
  • He visits Frosbrand holdings here and there, suffers through their tours and then gets back to his distractions, confident in his father's company paying for his visit.
  • He doesn't have any real friends, though he's often in the media with one model or another (of either gender) on his arm.
  • About the only thing of note about Teodor is that he's what a tabloid once called a "party canary" - he's a "signpost" for a good party. He can be found at the best clubs, media events, movie openings and similar events, always.
  • He has also been involved in a handful of various arrests, but nothing has ever stuck - someone else usually ends up taking the blame, or Frosbrand lawyers descend to pick apart the case like a swarm of locusts on a field of grain.

Power Details

113 pts

  • Soul of Winter: 42 pts
  • Ymir's Grip: 38 pts
  • Winterborn: 33 pts

Winter's powers - as his name suggests - are based around cold and ice. His body seems frozen, his metabolism entirely halted, and he is immune to extremes of cold and heat alike due to it. He radiates a palpable cold at all times, and can use that frigid aura to affect his environment in a variety of ways, from extending waves of sheer cold around him to the creation and masterful manipulation of ice.

  • Ranged Powers: Short Range - (Rating x 25) ft • Medium Range (-2) - (Rating x50) ft • Long Range (-5) - Rating (x100) ft.

Soul of Winter (Dynamic Array)

36 pts + 8 pts Dynamic
When angered, Winter radiates an aura of terrible, palpable cold that he has learned to use in a variety of ways. He can flash freeze an object with a look, or do similarly terrible things to a person. Most of the time, though, he simply radiates a powerful, damaging cold that frostbites anyone who touches him. If he exerts himself, he can unleash the cold into the sky above, causing a terrible blizzard to rain down.

  • Fimbulvintr: Dynamic (6/rank) • Environment (Cold + Impede Movement + Visibility) • Standard Action, Ranged, Sustained, 6 pts per rank • Inflicts Extreme Cold, Movement Reduction of 2 ranks, Surface Penalties to Acrobatics/Athletics checks, and -5 to Perception and ranged combat checks • Rank 1 (30'r), Rank 2 (60'r), Rank 3 (120'r), Rank 4 (250r)
  • Flash Freeze: Dynamic (2/rank) • Weaken (Toughness) • Standard Action, Ranged, Instant, 2 pts per rank • Ranged • Objects Only
  • Frostbite: Dynamic (4/rank) • Damage (Cold) • Reaction Action (being touched), Close, Instant, 4 pts per rank • Action (Reaction)
  • Frostgrip: Dynamic (4/rank) • Damage (Cold) + Affliction (Cold: Impaired > Exhausted > Paralyzed) • Standard Action, Ranged, Instant, 4 pts per rank • Ranged (Affliction, Damage)
  • Cold Snap: Dynamic (2/rank) • Environment (Cold) • Standard Action, Ranged, Sustained, 2 pts per rank • Ranged (Affliction, Damage) • Rank 1 (30'r), Rank 2 (60'r), Rank 3 (120'r), Rank 4 (250r), Rank 10 (4 miles)

Ymir's Grip (Dynamic Array)

32 pts + 10 pts Dynamic
Winter's power over ice and frost can be used to build great constructs of thick, rough ice, freezing to the touch. These constructions of ice are not solid blocks, but rather intricate, interlocking repeating patterns, like a weave of scale mail. He can command these areas of ice into any shape he commands, causing them to shift and ripple to obey him. He can also generate large, rapid-moving hailstones to pummel down on an area.

  • Glacial Grip: Dynamic (3/rank) • Affliction • Standard Action, Ranged, Instant, 3 pts per rank • Cumulative, Extra Condition, Ranged • Limited Degree • Resisted by Dodge; Overcome by Damage; Hindered + Vulnerable > Defenseless + Immobilized
  • Hailstorm: Dynamic (3/rank +2 pts flat) • Damage (Cold, Bludgeoning) • Standard Action, Ranged, Instant, 3 pts per rank +2 pts • Area (Cloud), Ranged, Indirect 2
  • Hailstorm, Selective: Dynamic (4/rank +2 pts flat) • Damage (Cold, Bludgeoning) • Standard Action, Ranged, Instant, 3 pts per rank +2 pts • Area (Cloud), Ranged, Indirect 2, Selective
  • Ice Generation: Dynamic (3/rank +2 pts flat) • Create (Ice) • Standard Action, Ranged, Sustained, 3 pts per rank +2 flat • Innate, Moveable, Precise • Permanent
  • Winterblades: Dynamic (2/rank) • Damage (Strength-based, Cold) + Affliction (Cold: Impaired > Exhausted > Paralyzed) • Standard Action, Close, Instant, 2 pts per rank
  • Wintermail: Dynamic (1/rank) • Protection (Cold) • Free Action, Personal, Sustained, 1 pts per rank


33 pts (Cold Form 2pts + Frozen Physiology 7pts + Icewalker 4pts + Winter's Son 20pts
Winter's physiology is markedly strange. His body temperature is low enough that he seems to constantly blend into the background to heat and infared sensors, and his biology has ceased aging, requiring food, water, sleep or air, and is immune to diseases and poisons. Something about him also makes him perfectly adapted to arctic conditions, incapable of slipping on ice and can in fact "skate" along at quite high speeds with no loss of balance, and perfect control. He is not only immune to all discovered forms of cold, but to heat as well (although exposing him to high temperatures or direct flames results in a gout of room-temperature steam).

  • Cold Form: 2 ranks • Concealment (Infravision) • Free Action, Personal, Permanent, 1 pts per rank • Permanent
  • Frozen Physiology: 7 ranks • Immunity (Aging, Disease, Poison, Starvation/Thirst, Sleep, Suffocation Effects) • No Action, Personal, Permanent, 1 pts per rank
  • Icewalker: • Immune to falling from icy conditions, may skate at 120' per round over ice and snow
    • Movement (Environment - Arctic) • 1 rank • Free Action, Personal, Permanent, 1 pts per rank • Movement (Sustained to Permanent)
    • Movement (Trackless, Waterwalking) • 2 ranks • Free Action, Personal, Permanent, 1 pt per rank • Limits (Snow and ice only)
    • Speed (Ice Sliding) • 2 ranks • Free Action, Personal, Sustained, 1 pts per 2 ranks • Speed (Limited to Ice Surfaces)
  • Winter's Son: 10 ranks • Immunity (All Cold Descriptors + All Heat/Fire Descriptors) • Personal, Permanent, 2 pts per rank


  • Accident: It is the nature of Winter's powers that they often cause damage to the terrain where he uses them. Anytime his cavalier attitude about using his cold powers in an area causes problems for himself or his group, he gains a Hero Point.
  • Connected: Winter is the only son of Reinholdt Frosbrand, the CEO of Frosbrand Industries, a large corporation based out of the EU, but with a presence in energy worldwide. Anytime he experiences trouble because of those connections, or his father, family or the company are endangered because of him, he gains a Hero Point.
  • Quirk: Winter has an extremely off-putting personality - his father once described his demeanor as "the ultimate in the cold shoulder." When his lack of empathy and cold contempt cause problems for himself, he gains a Hero Point.

Frosbrand Plaza, New York City

Frosbrand Plaza is located in Manhattan, in the center of the Flatiron District. The building itself is sixty floors high, with three levels of underground parking and service/maintenance space.


Half of the rooftop is dedicated public space, including a helipad for access by important clients, and access to the elevator banks for the rest of the building. Across the rooftop is a small structure with a blank wall facing the public access, and a glass view of the Manhattan skyline. This is a sort of "lounge" that belongs to Teodor Frosbrand, with access to his personal elevator bank, and stairs down to his personal floor below. The lounge space itself sports a large pool and hottub.

Penthouse Floors

The top five floors of the Plaza building belong to Teodor, deeded to him by his father as a graduation gift.

  • Size (4): There are five floors, plus a rooftop lounge, that belong to Teodor.
    • Top Floor: The sixtieth floor is Teodor's personal domicile, with a positively extravagant amount of living and personal entertaining space.
    • Fifty-Ninth Floor: Guest Floor. This has a number of mini-apartments, as well as a grand set of simple guest rooms.
    • Fifty-Eighth Floor: Entertainment Floor. This has a wide expanse of social and entertainment space, including a personal theater, gym, social areas, a small ballroom, a grand dining room and similar spaces.
    • Fifty-Seventh Floor: Domestics Floor. This floor has a lot of the "behind the scenes" spaces for his home, including pantries, domestic living spaces and storage areas.
    • Fifty-Sixth Floor: Buffer Floor. Teodor consider this a "buffer" from the rest of the building, a wide open vacant floor with no features other than support structures. He may choose to use it to expand into in the future, but for now it sits unoccupied.
  • Construction Toughness (1): 8.
  • Communications (1): Extensive selection of cutting edge electronics, good for communication and media coverage.
  • Computer System (1): The house is a SmartHome, with a state-of-the-art computer system accessible via a number of terminals throughout the household, as well as via authorized mobile computing devices within it.
  • Fire Prevention System (1): The house has a high-tech chemical foam-based fire nullification system.
  • Garage (1): Winter also has access to a personal section of the underground parking garage in the building, as well as private elevators to his floors.
  • Living Space (1): All of the living spaces in the building are exquisitely furnished, providing very comfortable and fashionable surroundings.
  • Personnel (1): There is a small staff of domestics who assist with the household's maintenance. They include a butler, two maids, and chef. Winter also has access to the security, maintenance and IT teams for the Frosbrand Industries in the building as well.
  • Security System (3): The security system is state-of-the-art, with a DC 30 to attempts to break into it without triggering alarms. The alert system immediately alerts the building security team as well as the local police.

Friends & Family

Reinholdt Klaus Frosbrand, CEO of Frosbrand Industries
Ludwig Kramer, household management
Helena Aeldenstodt, personal assistant
Stephane Donders, lawyer
  • Reinholdt Klaus Frosbrand: Father Winter's father is the high-powered CEO of Frosbrand Industries, and easily one of the most powerful men in the world. He's obscenely wealthy, although he lives modestly and with little time for entertainments (or as he calls them, "distractions"). In addition to his chairmanship of Frosbrand Industries, he is also a major shareholder in an incredibly diverse selection of other industries, including a broad (although very subtle) presence in multimedia news and entertainment, as well as private security contracting.
    • Frosbrand Industries is an absurdly diverse corporate entity, focusing on military engineering and biotechnology in its European holdings, computer engineering and cutting-edge software design in its North American holdings, energy in North Africa and the Middle East and a scattering of all kinds of other holdings the rest of the world over.
  • Ludwig Kramer: Household Management Mr. Kramer is the tall, broadshouldered "butler" who handles Teodor's household wherever he is. For the most part, he is based out of New York because Teodor is as well, but accompanies him on trips to act as interface between Teodor and whoever is providing accomodations. He is a bearded man who wears a blue tooth head set and carries a tablet with him at all times.
  • Helena Aeldenstodt: Personal Assistant Miss Aeldenstodt's title is a misnomer. Though she is technically Teodor's personal assistant, she is employed by his father, Reinholdt. Helene is Teodor's handler, working tirelessly to see that his father's wishes are obeyed as best as possible, acting as intermediary between father and son, and in general being his father's representative in his life.
    • Teodor and Helena have a hot-and-cold relationship: she knows him well enough to play to his interests and vanity, so that they usually get along quite well, but she also doesn't take any of his bullshit, invoking his father's name where necessary, and he resents her for it.
    • The past has proven that his father is far likelier to agree with Helena than Teodor in just about any given situation. She is a statuesque Scandinavian woman, and the tabloids have assumed more than once that she and Teodor are an item.
  • Stephane Donders: Lawyer A senior member of the German and Swiss law firm whose sole client is Frosbrand Industries, Stephane Donder is a warm, grandfatherly man who treats Teodor like a favorite grandson. Mr. Donders is single-handedly responsible for getting Teodor out of more difficult legal and financial situations than any other human being alive, and sometimes even just calls the boy up to see how he is doing (the fact that he makes excellent financial suggestions to the young man while he's doing so is secondary).
    • Donders also handles the small cadre of financial advisers and planners who manage Teodor's trust fund and investments, and Teodor knows he can put a call in to Mr. Donders at any time, day or night, to mobilize whatever he may need, whether it's extraction from a Moroccan jail, arranging a helicopter to come pick him up within an hour from the Mediterranean island party that Teodor has gotten fed up with, bribes and sundry pressures applied to keep his latest misadventures out of the tabloids (or put them in there!) or anything else the young man may need.
    • Mr. Donders has extensive contacts in the legal, political, financial and even underworld sectors of most of the world.


  • Money: Teodor's financial resources are limitless in terms of making on-the-spot purchases for just about anything that doesn't require credit checks and bank involvements. He uses a single card, a plain clear plastic card marked with the Frosbrand Industries logo, for such things.
  • Clothing & Jewelry: Teodor wears cutting edge fashions, preferring suits and flattering European styles. He also usually wears absurdly expensive sunglasses. He's something of a clothes horse, although he only ever wears monochromatic colors - whites, blacks, greys - and blues in all shades and hues.
  • Housing: Teodor's only actual home is his father's home in New York, although he has a wing at his family home in Stockholm, and small leased flats in L.A., Seattle, Rio de Janeiro, London, Ibiza, and Tokyo.
  • Transportation: Teodor doesn't own any actual cars himself, preferring to lease cutting edge sports cars for himself on long cross-country trips or have his people arrange for car services for him. He wouldn't be caught dead in a limousine, mostly because of how much his father prefers them.
  • Communication: Teodor carries an ever-changing array of communications and personal computing electronics with him. He's not particularly adept in any of their usage, though.
  • Food: Teodor's palate is fairly broad, though he eschews heavy or rich foods. He mostly eats seafoods and raw foods, and he considers chicken to be peasant-food. He doesn't eat noodles that don't come from Italy or China, doesn't drink wine that doesn't come from France and would take up residence in a limo before he consumed American chocolate or beer.
  • Days: Despite the fact that the media often paints his life as a whirlwind of exotic trips with beautiful people, most of Teodor's days involve him rising just before noon, working out, eating on his own and then spending his time in leisure. He refuses to dedicate more than four total hours a week to his responsibilities, and that includes conferring with his lawyer over financial concerns or his household staff.
  • Evenings: Teodor's evenings tend to be in one of two modes: total hermit shut-in, in which he reads or peruses media loaded onto his home system (usually media that isn't available in general yet), or in party mode, in which he spends a night out on the town carousing. He occasionally brings someone back to his place after those evenings, usually relying on Mr. Kramer to see that they're gone before he rises the next morning.


Total: 15

  • 10.14.2014: 1 PP
  • 10.21.2014: 1 PP
  • 11.11.2014: 3 PP
  • NPCs: 2 PP
  • 11.18.2014: 1PP
  • 11.25.2014: 1PP
  • 12.29.2014: 2PP
  • 1.5.2015: 1PP
  • 1.12.2015: 3PP
  • 1.19.2015: 2 PP


Unspent: 4

  • Cold Snap: 2 PP
  • Add to Soul of Winter Array: 10 PP
  • Benefit (Wealth 4): 1PP