Winter Hunt Guests 519 CR

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  • At Durwald Hall: Sir Ruvand
  • At the Lodge: Lady Gemma, Rowena, Vaenya, Kyuso; Lady Indiya & her handmaiden (Lisantha)
  • At the Camp: Deimos, Taemra
    • Idoren, Sir Nyle & Wentzle, Sir Vericus & Gryff, Kalin, Dame Ysthre*; Sir Mathau*, Sir Walrech*; Polvis*, Sir Bondatus, Lord Erind*, Sir Xavian*; Sir Kaevan, Herald Deyandar
    • Party A: Polvis*, Sir Bondatus, Sir Vericus & Gryff, Sir Mathau*
    • Party B: Lord Erind*, Sir Nyle & Wentzle, Idoren, Sir Kaevan, Kalin
    • Party C: Sir Xavian*, Dame Ysthre*, Sir Walrech, Herald Deyandar

(Those marked with an asterix have a Survival of 3+)


Polvis Endicastre
Endicastre Heir's Consort • 59 years
The consort of the House's heir, Polvis is nearly 60 and spends much of his time away from Iraessia, hunting. He is here every year. Vericus and Polvis are old friends, and hunt together often (even though Vericus doesn't quite share his love for the hunt).
Sir Bondatus Endicastre
Yrcantis Endicastre's Firstborn Son, Sir Vericus' former squire, Lady Gemma's nephew • 26 years
Sir Bondatus served as Sir Vericus' squire for five years or so before getting his spurs and Anointing. He got used to the Winter Hunts during his time in Houndsreach, and now comes every year (partially to keep his uncle from dying at a boar's tusks). He is the son of Yrcantis and Calepsa, and so Lady Gemma's nephew. He grew up with Vaenda, and was very protective of her. He was sure that Sir Nyle was unworthy of her, and his opinion of him has only soured after Nyle's various affairs after her death. He has also expressed disparaging remarks toward Kalin and Taemra in the past, on the basis of their wrightfolk lineage, although this during his squiring years, and he hasn't done so in many years.
Lord Erind Thielbus
Head of House Thielbus • 25 years
The young lord of Duelvros and Kæmegyn, to the southwest of Houndsreach. He's competitive and thinks of himself as a great huntsman, although he is mediocre at best.
Sir Xavian Raugynn
Thirdborn Son of House Raugynn • 31 years
The third son of House Raugynn, one of the Great Houses (Status 6) of Three-Rivers. He has been social every time the Durwalds have come to the town Tarnthis, and he's been flirty with both Sir Nyle and Kalin. He is also last year's Hunt King.
Sir Walrech Kylervus
Secondborn Son • 22 years
Knighted when he was 16, Walrech is every inch the young knight. Although he was brash and self-assured, he has spent the last three years at the Gatewatch Academy in Houndsreach. Nearly ready to graduate, Walrech has become a serious young tactician, his natural talents honed by the lessons at the academy.