Yuri Beloi

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Yuri Beloi

Hi, my name is Yuri. I have a number of frequently used aliases as well as a few other names I'll not go into right now and a vast handful that serve me moment to moment when the task requires I become someone else. I'm very good at being other people.

I'm a special agent and adventurer working for a secret organization, an ex-truck driver for a toy manufacturing company specializing in creepy-eyed dolls, a volunteer fire fighter, an action-adventure author, a burglar, a novice photographer and patron of the NY Times' news reporter Ms. LaBeuf as well as an occultist specializing in binding the souls of dead gods & stray dreams to my own in order to tap into their powers... Um...yeah.

I'm an animal lover, a collector of Egyptian artifacts, as Rex I have a cute & clueless boyfriend named Marshall Killian and my best friend Simon consists of a mass of bandages wrapped around a void of time & space that apparently knew me in a previous life. I play frisbee as a dog and I practice Yoga daily.

I moved to the states from Russia with my parents when I was a teenager. My parents now live in Fiatt, Illinois. I have a twin sister, though her current whereabouts is a mystery I plan to eventually solve.

I live in a small two bedroom apartment with Simon down the street from the office where I "work". Some of my coworkers live in the same building. My truck doesn't get much use these days as the Institute tends to keep me pretty busy and my other aliases take up any spare time I have beyond that. I'm thinking about buying a bicycle...

No leprechauns. It's in my contract.

I don't like guns. I do like tea.


Vital Statistics

Date of Birth: August 13, 1887

Place of Birth: Novgorod, Russia

Hair Color: Brown with streaks of white taking over

Eye Color: Gray

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 250 lbs

Blood Type: ...red?

Known Aliases

  • Yuri Beloi (truck driver & everyday joe)
  • Rex Freda (volunteer fire fighter)
  • Peter LeStrange (author)
  • The Black Cat (lady museum burglar)
  • Y (photographer & informant)

Yuri Beloi
Yuri Beloi