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Legal Name: Hokusai Mikoto
Metatype: Oni (orc variant), Ethnicity: Japanese
Age: 16, Sex: Female, Height: 6' 2", Weight: 275 lbs.
Street Cred: 0, Notoriety: 1, Public Awareness: 0
Karma: 10, Total Karma: 15
Primary Lifestyle:
Nuyen: ¥2410
Licenses: None
Other Identities: None
Combat Info
Armor: 12 (Armor Jacket)
Ranged: Ares Predator V
Melee: Katana; Monofilament Whip
Condition Monitors Physical: 11 Stun: 9 Overflow: 5
Body: 5, Agility: 5, Reaction: 4, Strength: 5
Willpower: 2, Logic: 2, Intuition: 2, Charisma: 4
Edge: 1, Essence: 6, Magic: -, Resonance: -
Initiative: 6+1d6, Matrix Initiative: , Astral Initiative:
Composure: 6, Judge Intentions: 6, Memory: 4, Lift/Carry: 50/75 kg (110/165 lbs), Movement: Walk 10, Run 20, Sprint +2m/hit
Physical Limit: 7, MentalLimit: 3, SocialLimit: 6
Active Skills:
Body: Free Fall 2
Agility: Archery 3 (Bows +2), Automatics 5 (Firearms skill group), Blades 3 (Katana+2), Clubs 2, Escape Artist 4 (Contortionist +2), Exotic Weapon - Monofilament Whip 4, Gymnastics 3, Longarms 5 (Firearms skill group), Pistols 5 (Firearms skill group), Unarmed Combat 3 (Karate +2),
Intuition: Perception 2
Charisma: Etiquette 2 (Yakuza +2), Performance 3 (Burlesque +2),
Knowledge Skills: Criminal Organizations 1 (Yakuza +2), Japanese Folklore 1 (Buddhism +2), Performance Art 1 (Burlesque +2), Street Gangs 1 (Kalifangs +2)
Languages: English (N), Japanese (N)
Positive: Low Light Vision (racial), Ambidextrous, Friends in High Places, Bilingual, Made Man (Shigeda-gumi Yakuza)
Negative Qualities: Striking Skin Pigmentation (racial), Poor Self Control (Combat Monster), Emotional Attachment,
Oyabun 10/2
Street Doc 2/4
Fixer 1/3
Kalifang Lieutenant 2/1
Group Contacts: Shigeda Gumi 3/3
Commlink or Cyberdeck


Born: October 27, 2054 in Seattle, WA.

Mikoto's mother, Hokusai Chieko, is human and is the disowned daughter of the Oyabun for the Shotozumi-Gumi. Her father, Hokusai Yasuhiro, was an Oni and was the source of Chieko's disgrace. Chieko choose to go against her father's wishes and marry the man that she loved instead of who she was told to marry, even worse in her father's eyes, her love was a Metahuman. Cut off from her family and shunned by most of the Japanese neighborhoods, they eventually found themselves having to live in the Barrens.
Born human, Mikoto had a relatively normal childhood (as normal as any young girl could be in the Barrens) up until she was 8, when she went through Goblinization and became an Oni like her father. Growing in the Barrens Mikoto learned how to survive and not become a victim, after Goblinizing things got worse for her and she learned to fight back. She did discovered that to many people of Japanese descent, she was both feared and respected rather than just hated, like Orcs or Trolls, and she began researching the folklore surrounding Oni. As she entered her teens she found that she was beginning to turning heads, and overheard people whisper things like "exotic" and "striking", about this time she stumbled upon some vintage video recordings of burlesque performance and she was fascinated. The combination of exotic beauty, power and performance drew her in and she found out all she could about the genre, going as far as trying to sneak into clubs that had burlesque shows.
One of those clubs was run by the Shigeda-Gumi Yakuza, and it didn't take long for them to realize who she was. They saw her as a potential asset and so they kept an eye on her, even encouraged her to make friends with the dancers, who then encouraged her to start dancing to make some extra money. She enjoyed the dancing, as long as the clients kept their mits to themselves and she didn't have to take all her clothes off. One night a few of the Yaks foot soldiers decided she could do more to earn her keep, trying to get her to do a "private show" for them. She was livid and flew into a blind rage. All the skills she had learned on the streets came into play and she took out most of the hired muscles in the room, only stopping when she had been knock unconscious. The men reluctantly told the tale of the female oni going into a demon rage and nearly killing them all to their Shategashira, who then told it to the Wakagashira, who then told the Oyabun. He already knew who she was and her usefulness to him because of her family, but he saw a new opportunity to use her to gain influence with the other Gumi, having an oni soldier who he could dress like the royal oni guards back in Japan. He gave the order that she was to be trained in other forms of combat, and she was brought in as a minor foot soldier.
Her father died around the same time (street life and old age) and with no other children, gave her the only thing of value he really had, his katana. Her mother distracted by the death of her husband was unaware of Mikoto's increased activity with the Yakuza until it was too late for her to stop it. She was furious and nearly disowned Mikoto just as her father had disowned her. Eventually she called down and had a long talk with Mikoto, explaining who her grandfather was and why she had fled from him.
Mikoto is now more driven to rise up the ranks of the Shigeda-Gumi and redeem herself in her Grandfather's eyes, a man she has never met but knows of from her own Yakuza family. For his part, the Shotozumi-Gumi Oyabun never stopped keeping tabs on his daughter, and subsequently his granddaughter, and although his hands are tied by tradition, he will bring considerable influence and power into play to make sure his granddaughter remains safe until the day he can formally accept her back into the family
After the rage incident it was decided that Mikoto would better serve the Yakuza as an enforcer and was asked to leave the club. She recently found work at (Velvet Academy?) working as an exotic dancer/burlesque performer/entertainer, but not a stripper. If anyone should be so crass as to call her one, they will find they no longer have a spleen.

Combat Gear


  • Armor Jacket: AR 12


Melee Weapons
Weapon Reach Dam Acc AP Notes
Katana 1 8P 7 -3 Emotional Attachment
Monofilament Whip 2 12P 5(7) -8 wireless, forbidden

Ranged Weapons
Weapon Dam Acc AP Mode RC Ammo Notes
Ares Predator V 8P 5(7) -1 SA - 15(c) Smartlink
Cavalier Deputy 7P 6 -1 SA - 7 ---

Other Gear

Mikoto's Mask
Rensaka Sensei ComLink R3
*Subvocal Mic
Trodes R3
Goggles R3
*Image Link
*Vision Magnification
Respirator R4

Lifestyle & Identity


  • Comforts & Necessities: 2
  • Security: 2
  • Neighborhood: 1
  • Points: 2
  • Cost: 1000¥
  • Entertainment:
    • Armory: 2


  • Carried: Katana, Ares Pred V with 2 clips, Cavalier Deputy with 2 quick loads, Monofilament Whip, Armored Jacket, Oni Mask, 2-3 Credsticks (Standard, maybe 1 Silver)
  • Stored:


  • While at the club, Mikoto tends to wear skimpy synth-leather outfits. Ensembles of straps, buckles, feathers, sequins, lace, rivets, and spikes. When she isn't working, she dresses more practically, clothes that allow her to move rapidly when need be and offer some moderate protection. On the streets she adds a armored jacket to the outfit as well as her Samurai Mask. When she is called upon by the Yakuza to fulfill her obligations to them, she is often given a full set of body armor fashioned to look like Samurai armor that matches the mask. This last bit of armor is not hers to keep and it's only available to her when she's working for the Yakuza.


  • Insert Name Here:
    • Licenses: -
    • Credit: 0

Karma and Misc

School Account

School Ledger
Date Deposit Withdrawl Balance Descrition
03/13/2071 7,000 ¥ 0 ¥ 7,000 ¥ Anonymous Donation
03/15/2071 230 ¥ 0 ¥ 7,230 ¥ Damn Kids
03/17/2071 1,500 ¥ 0 ¥ 8,730 ¥ Family Business 1
03/18/2071 1,500¥ 0 ¥ 10,230 ¥ Family Business 2
10,230 ¥
10,230 ¥
10,230 ¥
10,230 ¥

Karma Expenditures

Total Karma: 6
Available Karma: 11

• 5 Karma: Buy off Emotional Attachment

Family, Friends, Allies & Contacts

Dr. Crispin Skybear
Street Doc (2/4)
A troll street doc originally from the Cascade Ork tribes, Crispin operates out of an old truck stop in the Verge that he and his assistants have converted into a quite functional surgery and clinic. You and Crispin are quite good friends, he often inviting you over to dinner and chatting beside the fire long into the night. He has expressed romantic interest in you before (you decide how you interacted with that; however it goes, he is perfectly content to remain friends if that's what you prefer for your character, but the option of having him as anything from a regular lover to an occasional FWB is viable, as you choose).
Fixer (1/3)
A fixer new to Redmond, Cairo has been pretty close-lipped about where she comes from and why it is she's ended up here. But that's not exactly unusual - no one who wasn't born here ends up here without a tragedy attached to the story, and most people don't share that kind of thing casually. You met Cairo originally when she came to pay her respect to the Shingeda-gumi and you ended up quite liking one another. She operates out of a back room in the bar called the Madwoman, in the Sophocles neighborhood east of Touristville.
Lieutenant in the Kalifangs (2/1)
Ferocious and responsible for much of the Kalifangs' outward expansion of territory from minor surrounding gangs, Rudhira follows the example of the gang leader Dhumavati, wielding a bow and extensive face paint as part of the gang. Rudhira is well connected for a ganger, and once approached you about joining the Kalifangs, but the offer was politely withdrawn when your Yakuza connections were discovered.
Shotozumi Hanzo
Oyabun of the Shotozumi-gumi (10/2)
The oyabun of the Shotozumi-gumi is a feared man among those who know of his genuine identity. To them, he is the man who defied Watada-sama and formed his own rengo in North America, and he is the one who has formed a rengo of his own, covering the fractious and strong-willed oyabun of the Americas in not only peace but genuine alliance and even camaraderie. He is a figure feared in both shadows and boardrooms. But to you, he is only your ojiisan (though you never met him, so you never got the chance every child should have of calling their grandfather sofu). You have not always known in what way, but you've long known your mother considers him the architect of your family's misery. To this day you still have no met him, though you did one morning wake after a particularly harrowing missing with the Shigeda-gumi to find that someone had hacked your commlink and placed an encrypted telecomm code in it, with only the Japanese symbols for ojiisan as an identifier.
Hokusai Chieko
Formerly Shotozumi Chieko
Mikoto's Mother
Oldest daughter of Shotozumi Hanzo, Chieko has been disowned by her father because she went against tradition and married a metahuman for love. Chieko lives in the Barrens because it is the only place where her "dishonor" won't effect who hires her, where she works as a tattoo artist specializing in Japanese artwork. The only thing she refuses to do are yakuza pieces. She is good enough to earn enough to survive and get occasional rejuvenation treatments, but isn't a sought out artist either. She hates the fact that her daughter has chosen the life of a Yak, but can't do anything about it now.