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The Archmage of Waterdeep & Master of Blackstaff Tower

Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun
Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun
Archmage of Waterdeep
Khelben is the most powerful and influential archmage of the Sword Coast, and is widely rumored to be one of the rulers of Waterdeep (though he never has anything to say on the subject). Allied to the Harpers, and instrumental in keeping the Lords' Alliance (of Silverymoon, Sundabar, Neverwinter, and other "good" cities of the North, with Waterdeep) intact, Khelben is always working to influence this or that occurrence or trend, looking years ahead.

He is a forester and a painter, and has tutored many mages of note (including Malchor Harpell, Savengriff, and Nain). Khelben is a tall (6', 6"), well-muscled, bearded man with a receding hairline, black hair shot through with silver, and a distinguished manner. He is gravely wise, not pompous, and is fully learned in the history, lore, and traditions of magic as practised by humans in the North since the rise from barbarism.
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Aleena Paladinstar
Daughter of Lord Piergeiron
The only daughter of the Open Lord, Aleena has lived a life of seclusion for the most part, growing up in the private halls of the Palace and rarely leaving there, for her own safety. She is a very tall young woman (at seventeen years), about the height of her father, with a shy personality but stunning intellect. Ciro Melshimber threw her official coming out party, but it wasn't until she appeared, seemingly by magic, in Khelben's cellars that her true potential came to fruition. When she explained that she'd discovered the passages leading between the Palace and Blackstaff Tower, Khelben was impressed with her cunning and intelligence. Once she showed an aptitude for wizardry, Khelben took her on as an apprentice. She has rooms at Blackstaff Tower and must live there for the first year of her apprenticeship, much to the chagrin of her father. For her part, she adores the privacy and freedom, and has blossomed into a skilled conjurer.
Danilo Thann
Youngest Thann Son, Khelben's apprentice
The youngest of Lady Cassandra and Lord Rhammas' nine children, Danilo is the sixth boy in the House. Always precocious and a born attention-seeker, Danilo was the only one of Lady Cassandra's children to exhibit any talent for the Art. His uncle Khelben has been training him in the privacy of the Thann villa, but often despairs of the young man's lackadasical approach to study. He hopes that some time in actual apprenticeship in Blackstaff Tower will help him sharpen his resolve.
A whimsical and not-terribly-bright young half-elf, Demisante was a thief until Ahmadar caught her twice, and then spoke on her behalf to Khelben. In the time since, she has been absolved of her former crimes, and is now free. She remains at Blackstaff Tower, furthering her learning in the arts of enchantment. She is an avid worshipper of Lurue, and she and Aleena have become unlikely friends.
Honibar Deros
Honibar Deros
Honibar is the newest of Khelben's apprentices, though Aleena arrived only a few weeks before he did. Though the other apprentices do not know who referred Honibar to Khelben's tutelage, they do know it was someone the Archmage clearly trusted, as he took the young man on immediately. He has thus far fulfilled the promise of his potential, blossoming into a talented invoker.