Corridor 202 Timeline

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March 2071

  • Wednesday • 11th: Pretty standard day.
    • Team discovers Frasier asleep at the mixing board; he was fearful to go home due to a new gang in the area, so slept there.
    • Team hears other stories about this gang as well.
    • That afternoon, they hear gunshots and see unfamiliar vehicles driving away at a high speed. They find this gang has just robbed one of the neighbors, and shot the father.
    • Cairo stops by that evening to have a drink and discuss the team's stated interest in doing a shadowrun. She makes arrangements for them to meet a Johnson tomorrow evening, with herself as intermediary for both team and Johnson (as neither has any real experience in the shadows).
  • Thursday • 12th: Team meets their Johnson (Marcus Belleweather, as they discover later), who wants a Microdeck mid-level exec named Brandon Garrett kidnapped while he is partying in Touristville sometime this weekend.
    • Team finds some information on key persons in the run, as well as arrange a place to keep Garrett - a safehouse kept by the Red Hot Nukes.
    • Cairo negotiates a fee of 8000¥, half up front. They can also keep anything the target has on him.
  • Friday • 13th: Team finds Garrett through his social media enjoying a dinner at the Edge with some friends from Microdeck (Isaac Hernandez, and a couple named Joseph and Glenna Pollard).
    • Team surveils them at the Edge.
    • The Pollards eventually leave, and Hernandez accompanies Garrett to the Banshee, a Touristville karaoke spot.
    • Team makes its move when Garrett is separated from Hernandez, right after he buys drugs from some gang dealers, rushing him and knocking him unconscious in the bathroom. Temper then punches out a window and escapes with his unconscious body.
    • They quickly get Garrett to the safehouse and gag, blindfold, and bind him.
  • Saturday • 14th: Brandon wakes and panics. Taig and Temper keep him calm.
    • They also arrange to acquire a straight jacket to keep him long-term, as well as keeping him lightly sedated on bliss.
    • At one point, Brandon attempts to bribe Taig, who could not be less interested.
  • Sunday • 15th: Temper stops Brandon from scratching through his hand and getting at the DocWage RFID chip he has there.
    • That afternoon, the Vandals - the new, burgeoning gang in the area - try to make a move on School, and are well-schooled themselves. Only one member of the gang is left alive.
    • At about the same time, the safehouse is revealed to have hungry devil rats in the walls, who burst out trying to eat a sleeping Taig, who responds with sudden magic no one knew he had. The rats are chased away.
  • Monday • 16th: Passes sedately. Brandon seems subdued.
    • Finesse and Fleur show up to relieve Taig. They interact a bit with Brandon, who is basically high as a kite most of the time.
  • Tuesday • 17th: Brandon is released.