Dindermal Elubis

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Dindermal Elubis
Race: Tiefling (Abyssal), Class: Wizard 10th (Conjurer)
Background: Faction Agent, Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Patron Deity: No, thank you
Factions: Evemwyr's Organization, Alora's Magi
Ability Scores
Strength 8 (-1), Dexterity 14 (+2), Constitution 13 (+1);
Intelligence 18/19 (+4), Wisdom 10 (+0), Charisma 15 (+2)
Bonus: +4
Saving Throws: Intelligence & Wisdom
Skills: Arcana (Int; +12), History (Int; +8), Insight (Wis; +4), Investigation (Int; +8)
Tools: Artisan's Tools (Alchemist's Supplies)
Languages: Threxantran (Local Common), Abyssal, Tianne, Orbaan
Armor: None
Weapons: Daggers, darts, slings, quarterstaffs, light crossbows
Abyssal Arcana, Abyssal Fortitude • Safe Haven • Arcane Recovery (5 levels), Arcane Tradition (Conjuration), Conjuration Savant, Minor Conjuration, Benign Transposition
Int +2 • Arcanist
Staff of Battle: +5 • 1d6+1 bludgeoning • Versatile (1d8)
Dagger: +6 • 1d4+2 piercing • Finesse, light, thrown (range 20/60)
Armor Class: 12 or 15 (mage armor), Initiative: +2, Speed: 30
Hit Points: 61, Hit Dice: 10d6
Personality Traits: • Inquisitive & studious • Fussy • Mindful of etiquette
Ideals:Logical: All problems can be solved through the application of knowledge and reason • Educated: Education is the greatest gift of the gods to mortal-kind. • Civilized: Those who cannot bother to observe civilizations' demands of propriety do not deserve to reap the benefits of civilization. • Pride: Embrace your greatness.
Bonds:Evemwyr: The dragon Evemwyr has seen my potential and aids me in even greater achievements, so he has my loyalty • Stranded: A tiny village where I not only met Allora, but also achieved greater potential for power via the Abyss • Secrets: All great people have secrets; I keep my own while ferreting those of others out • Allora: A being of such wisdom and power; her guidance and friendship is a blessing. • Gods: Oh dear. Must we?
Flaws:Overly Critical: I can't help that I see flaws that others miss • Hates the Wilderness: I am at wits' end away from civilization • Eschews Barbarism: I know they can't help their savagery, but I don't see why I'm expected to tolerate their brutishness; they should be expected to rise to our level, don't you think? • Self-Important: Why would I pretend to be something lesser than what I am? Time spent pretending humility is time wasted that might be put to achieving even greater things. • Stubborn: I am implacable, once my mind is made up!

Reading is an act of civilization; it's one of the greatest acts of civilization because it takes the free raw material of the mind and builds castles of possibilities. - Ben Okri
Age: 65



  • Abyssal Arcana: Gain new spells each long rest. As spells are cast, they are lost, except for cantrips.
d6 1st Level 3rd Level 5th Level
1 dancing lights burning hands alter self
2 true strike charm person darkness
3 light magic missile invisibility
4 message cure wounds levitate
5 spare the dying Tasha's hideous laughter mirror image
6 prestidigitation thunderwave spider climb
  • Abyssal Fortitude: Hit point maximum increases by half level (min 1).

Prepared Spells

Spells Prepared (Lvl + Int): 14/14

  • Cantrips (5): firebolt, infestation, light, mage hand, message, prestidigitation (Arcanist)
  • First Level: detect magic • thunderwave
  • Second Level: Melf's acid arrow*, misty step*, web* • x
  • Third Level: glyph of warding, haste, sending, water breathing
  • Fourth Level: arcane eye, banishment, conjure shadow demon*, dimension door*
  • Fifth Level: conjure vrock*, planar binding


  • Spells per Day: Cantrips: 5 • 1st: 4 • 2nd: 3 • 3rd: 3 • 4th: 3 • 5th: 2
  • Spell Power: Saving Throw DC: 16 • Spell Attack Mod: +8
  • Magic Ability: Intelligence
  • Spellbook: Those spells marked with an asterix are Conjuration spells. Those marked with a cross (+) are rituals.
    • Cantrips: firebolt, infestation, light, mage hand*, message, prestidigitation
    • First Level: absorb elements, alarm+, comprehend languages+, detect magic+, feather fall, find familiar+*, grease*, identify+, mage armor, magic missile, protection from evil and good, shield, Tenser's floating disk+*, thunderwave, unseen servant+*
    • Second Level: arcane lock, cloud of daggers*, detect thoughts, flaming sphere*, gentle repose+, magic mouth+, Melf's acid arrow, misty step*, web*
    • Third Level: conjure lesser demon*, counterspell, fly, glyph of warding, haste, Leomund's tiny hut+*, magic circle, phantom steed+, sending, water breathing+
    • Fourth Level: arcane eye, banishment, conjure barlgura*, conjure minor elementals*, conjure shadow demon*, dimension door*, Leomund's secret chest*
    • Fifth Level: cloudkill*, conjure elemental*, conjure vrock*, planar binding, Rary's telepathic bond+, teleportation circle*

Factor Agent Traits

  • Safe Haven: Access to a secret network of supporters and operatives. Know secret signs and passwords to gain access to safe houses, room and board, or assistance finding information.

Wizard Traits

  • Arcane Recovery: During a short rest, recover half level in spell slots. Must take a long rest before doing it again.
  • Ritual Casting: May cast a wizard spell as a ritual if it has the ritual tag and is in my spellbook.
  • Spellcasting Focus: May use arcane focus.
  • Conjurer (Arcane Tradition):
    • Conjuration Savant: Half cost and half time for scribing conjuration spells.
    • Minor Conjuration: Use action to conjure a minor item into my hand or onto the ground within 10'. Object can be no larger than 10lb or 3' on a side, and must be a nonmagical object I have seen. Radiates dim light, and disappears after 1 hour, when use the ability again, or if it takes any damage.
    • Benign Transposition: Use Action to teleport up to 30 to a square I can see. May choose a space within range occupied by a Small or Medium creature; if creature is willing, can trade places with teleport. Must finish a long rest or cast a conjuration spell of 1st level or higher to use again.
    • Focused Concentration: When concentrating on a Conjuration spell, cannot lose concentration due to taking damage.


  • Fourth Level: +2 Int
  • Eighth Level: Arcanist: Int +1 • Double proficiency bonus when making an Arcana check • Learn prestidigitation and detect magic • May cast detect magic once per day without expending a spell slot, recovered with a long rest.


  • Coinage: 0 copper, 0 silver, 0 electrum, 1099 gold, 0 platinum
  • Gems: 0

Magic Items

Attunement: ring of spell storing

  • Ring of spell storing: (Attunement) Ring holds 5 levels worth of spells. Spells released from ring are cast as though by the original caster.
  • Robes of Spell Preparation: (Attunement) • Prepare extra spells • 1st-6th: 1st; 7th-10th: 1st, 2nd; 11th-14th: 1st, 2nd, 3rd; 15th: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th
  • Cloak of the Manta Ray: Breathe underwater when hood is up • Swimming speed of 60
  • Lantern of revealing: Invisible creatures in bright light area are revealed. Light area is 30' bright and 30' dim; can be hooded to reduce to 5' dim.
  • Potions of Healing (6): Heals 2d4+2
  • Staff of Battle: (Attunement) +2 quarterstaff • 10 charges • mage armor (1ch), magic missile (1+ch), protection from evil and good (1ch) • absorb elements (1+ch), feather fall (1ch), counterspell (3+ch), shield (1ch)
  • Boggan Portal Horn: What's dis do?
  • Scrolls: teleporttongues
  • Potions: healing (6) • gaseous form

Staff of Battle

Staff, rare (requires attunement by a wizard or sorcerer)
This staff can be weilded as a magical quarterstaff that grants a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it. While holding it, you have a +2 bonus to spell attack rolls.

The staff has 10 charges for the following properties. It regains 1d6+4 expended charges daily at dawn. If you expend the last charge, roll a d20. On a 1, the staff loses its properties and becomes a nonmagical quarterstaff.

Spells. You can use an action to expend 1 or more of the staff's charges to cast one of the following spells from it, using your spell save DC: mage armor (1 charge), magic missile (1 or more charges), protection from evil and good (1 charge).

You can use a reaction to expend 1 or more of the staff's charges to cast one of the following spells from it, using your spell save DC: absorb elements (1 or more charges), feather fall (1 charge), counterspell (3 or more charges), shield (1 charge).

(Comparisons: This staff has a magical bonus plus 9 levels worth of spells in it. In comparison, staff of charming has 3 spell levels plus an extra defense against enchantments; staff of healing has 8 spell levels but never loses its magic; staff of swarming insects has 9 spell levels plus a special attack; staff of the woodlands has a magical bonus plus 17 spell levels and the ability to turn into a tree)


Anhngarak, Quasit Familiar


  • Carried: Crooked staff (quarterstaff, arcane focus) with lantern of revealing affixed to it
  • Worn: Signet ring, belt, backpack, ring of spell storing
  • Belt: 2 daggers (sheathed), 2 pouches, component pouch
    • Pouch 1: 2 flasks of alchemist's fire (wrapped in wool), 3 potions of healing
    • Pouch 2: 5 cakes soap, 1 vial of perfume
  • Backpack (Worn):
    • Outside: Bedroll (strapped on top), scroll case (w/19 sheets parchment)
    • Inside: Alchemist supplies (leather case), spellbook, journal, calligraphy case (2 ink bottles, 5 pens, 2 blocks sealing wax), clothing (3 travelers, 3 robes, 2 fine), healer's kit (x2: x)




Modest (1 gp/day).


  • As a young lad, studied arcane magic in Zalkoryn.
    • In truth, he wasn't terribly talented at magic, and advanced quite slowly.
  • Essentially became a professional student, too hard-headed to give up.
    • Supported himself - including his education - by becoming a petty peddler of spells-for-hire.
    • It was in that capacity that he met an agent of Evemwyr, and eventually was recruited into his organization, spying on some of the luminaries of his academy.
  • He never achieved the heights of magecraft he desired; indeed, he never managed anything beyond the first circle of magery.
    • In time, he grew weary of the constant struggle, and accepted his lot in life.
  • On his 60th birthday, he retired to the tiny village of Stranded, ekeing out an existence on a small savings, and doing the occasional small magical work for others.
  • Then, four years later, Stranded was plunged into the Abyss.
  • Though it was eventually rescued by the Champions of Ravenholt, he - like everyone else in Stranded - was transformed into a tiefling.
  • More than that, though, he discovered some of his old magery lessons clicked in a new way. He quickly mastered the second circle of magic, and within a year, the third!
  • To him, the trip to the Abyss unlocked his greatness, and he holds these other whiny Stranded tieflings in contempt! They've been given such power and all they can do is whine about it? Foolishness.
  • He has re-connected with Evemwyr, and made friends with Allora when she and her assistants showed up in Stranded to begin work on the Spire there.
    • He's learned a great deal from her, recording notes that he doesn't even fully understand yet in his spellbook.
  • Then came the day when he received word from Evemwyr that he should prepare for a journey of some substance, and that he should be ready to leave the next day.
    • The next day, he found himself on a cart, bound for Ravenholt.
  • He has been in Ravenholt for a while, meeting folk at the Rose Academy (that Hazriel is an unsavory piece of work, though I admire his dedication to his magic at all ends), and in Katrica City.