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Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 3;
Strength 2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 3;
Presence 2, Manipulation 2, Composure 2
Health: xxx, Willpower: xxx, Size: xxx, Speed: xxx, Defense: xxx (Armor: xxx), Initiative: xxx
Mage Traits
Path: AcanthusOrder: Not yet chosen
Wisdom: xxx • Gnosis: xxx
Arcana: xxx
Nimbus: xxx
Attainments: xxx
Rotes: xxx
Praxes: xxx
Tools & Yantras: xxx
Current Conditions


Ahmed Gregory Churchill
Born: November 23, 1995 in San Diego, CA.
Parents: Hana Jarrah and Richard Churchill Jr.

My father died in a car accident before my first birthday. I was raised by my mother and in a large way, her boyfriend and his polyamorous family who shared a cul-de-sac between out two houses. When I was nine, my mother passed away after a long battle with cancer. Her boyfriend, Carl, took me in as my legal guardian.

My family is liberal, extreme, eclectic and very unorthodox...and frequently illegal. I had a very odd upbringing compared to most children, and as such I often have difficulties identifying social faux pas, personal boundaries and the general sense of norm, although unlike the rest of my family - I try to be mindful of these things and my shortcomings.

I attended college in London, studying mythology, folklore and art - I wanted to be Brian Froud meets Wendy Pini. Unfortunately I hadn't finished my degree when my girlfriend broke my heart and life deemed further complications were necessary, tossing my down the rabbit hole...and covering it with a cement slab.

I love comic books - I was raised with them as a very active part of my life. I write and draw two webcomics of my own with a pretty decent following. I do volunteer work with animal shelters and I like to stay fit by going to the gym (it also helps justify a diet largely dominated by pizza and Yoo-hoo).

Today I'm moving to Portland to begin my apprenticeship with Mr. Veles. I'm nervous. But also a little excited.


Virtue: xxx

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Vice: xxx

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Breaking Points

Friends and Family


Yb carl.jpg
Carl Hill
Carl had been seeing Hana, my mother, for over a decade when she had passed away. Having generally fulfilled the role of father figure, Carl became my legal guardian and I moved in with Carl and his polyamorous husband and wife and their daughter Kat, my closest friend.

Carl is often quiet. He prefers to stand back and observe situations, interjecting when he feels he must. He is kind and gentle, but he has a terrible temper, often stoked up by his husband Boss, who seems to relish in it, often picking fights...very violent fights. When these episodes seem to be in development, Auntie Bethany will swoop in and hustle Kat and I off to the play room to entertain us or watch television. We could still hear thunderous sounds, like a wrecking ball was knocking down walls, but both Boss and Carl would seem fine the next day with no signs of damage to their surroundings.
Carl was unhappy with my choice to attend college in London, stating that the only reason I was doing so was to chase after Kat. That was simply not true. London has very respectable colleges and I thought it would be a healthy experience - and even better that my girlfriend will be there too! He said he just wanted me to seek my own future, not spend it chasing after someone who seemed to be on a separate track. He was wrong. Kat and I were meant to be together. I was mean to him because he didn't see it. My stepad, such a big brute, like a human rottweiler, but he could always emulate a kicked puppy when someone he cared about yelled at him. He was right, I knew it, but I didn't want to see it.
Carl spent most of my life working as either a bouncer or security guard, but while he and Uncle Boss were attending to a new comic store opening in Portland, he somehow managed to land a job as CEO of a security company. I'm very confused.
Oh, and turns out my stepdad is an ogre. I'm still wrapping my head around this concept.

Bethany Boss
Auntie Bethany is gloriously divine and ever positive and cheerful - she claims it's the drugs. She owns and operates a chain of comic shops and nerdy themed strippers and convention booth babes out of her San Diego office. Bethany is a skilled business woman and dedicated to her family, not just those here, but all of her relations spread about the country and has always included me in her herd. She also writes erotic fiction...which she used to read to us before bedtime... My early teens were very confusing.
Yb boss.jpg
Uncle Boss
Uncle Boss, as he insists on being called, takes his role as uncle and role model very seriously. He is the reason that Kat and I were both required to learn how to fight, how to perceive when someone was lying and how to survive when abandoned in the woods...by being abandoned in the woods occasionally without warning. He's perverted, inappropriate, grim, quirky and somewhat...mentally unstable at times and a gun hoarding survivalist sort. He sought to train both of us on how to use firearms, but I was never as good as Kat, so Carl taught me Irish boxing instead. We were never bullied. At least never more than once.

Uncle Boss was the one who found me after the incident. He took me home and my family took care of me, explained a number of very strange things to me. I listened quietly, I was still in shock. Kat wasn't there. She had stayed in London...with Roy.
Uncle Boss introduced me to a man named Veles, said that he was the one who got him to London so quickly and that he was a good friend of the family. He said that Veles was going to be my mentor and teach me everything I needed to know and that I'd be staying with him in Portland, Oregon.

Katherine Boss
Love of His Life
I had been in love with Kat as long as I can remember. Childhood friends and neighbors turned quasi-siblings through tragedy, I had pined and followed Kat around like a puppy for most of my life. Kat had always treated me like a brother, but familiarity, persistence and circumstances conspired to find us dating in high school. When Kat moved to London for college, I foolishly followed her. Our relationship became more complicated when we added a third and it ended when Kat informed me that she and Roy thought it would be best if I left the relationship.

I didn't take this news very well. At all. Growing up, we had both endured her dad bore us with his trippy super hero bullshit origin story enough times.
Seems I was the only one in the family that hadn't been clued in on the fact that it wasn't bullshit and I was bound to follow my uncle down that rabbit hole. Well, I got the rabbit hole - my Uncle went to Hell.


Yb veles.jpg
I am Veles' apprentice. I'm not entirely sure what that means. I'm pretty sure we're not talking Mickey Mouse in Fantasia here. Veles is intimidating. His silence is intimidating, his stare is intimidating, even his million dollar suits are intimidating. He has a calculating look that makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong, especially when I'm not doing anything at all. So I find myself fidgeting, then his eyes will shift to whatever I'm fidgeting with and I freeze like a rabbit that is about to be eaten by a wolf.

I've heard his name at home before, Carl, Uncle Boss and Bethany have spoken of him. Aside from the usual who wants to sleep with who from the three of them, I picked up that while Carl is the head of his company, Veles is his unofficial superior and he and Uncle Boss are members of the Guardians wizard club, like magical Masons and the CIA mixed together.


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