Emeryk Graben

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Emeryk Graben
Lord of House Graben
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Agility: 2
Animal Handling: 2
Athletics: 2 (Strength 2B)
Awareness: 2 (Haughty, -1D Empathy)
Cunning: 4
Deception: 4 (Bluff 1B) (Treacherous, +4)
Endurance: 5
Fighting: 4 (Long Blades 1B)
Healing: 2 (Flawed, -1D)
Languages: Common: 2
Knowledge: 2
Marksmanship: 2
Persuasion: 2
Status: 5 (Stewardship 2B)
Stealth: 2
Survival: 2
Thievery: 1
Warfare: 2
Will: 4
Intrigue Defense: 11 • Composure: 12
Combat Defense: 8 • Health: 15
Armor Type: Breastplate (Bulk 3) • Armor Rating: 6 • Armor Penalty: -2
Tenacity (Valyrian Steel Greatsword): 4D+1B+1 • Damage 8 • Powerful, Slow, Vicious, Two-Handed, Unwieldy
Destiny Points: 1
Head of Household: xxx
Blood of Valyria: xxx
Massive: xxx
Heirloom: Tenacity, a Valyrian Steel Greatsword
Treacherous: xx
Armor Mastery: xx

Haughty: xx
Insensitive: Flaw: Healing

{Background Info}

  • Goals: Power; Motivations: Excellence; Virtues: Courageous; Vices: Scheming

Rumors & Tendencies

There are a variety of local rumors about Emeryk:

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  • X
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Possessions: Tenacity, Large Shield, Breastplate, Coal (Destrier with Coin Barding)


  • For each scene that you submit to the Narrator that is brought into play, you gain one Destiny Point. This can go above your normal allotment of Destiny Points, but these can only be spent, not burnt. Submit such scenes to the Narrator by email, please.
  • You may also use Destiny Points to "buy in" a character into a scene, editing the scene so that it includes the character.


Please list three to five goals for your character. These can be goals the character has, or your goals for your character as a player. Please mark them as (Character) or (Player) as appropriate.

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Lord Emeryk Graben


Earned: 0xp+0gl
  • Session 0.0.13:

Spent: 0xp+0gl; Unspent: 0xp+0gl