House Graben

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House Graben
We Stand Fast
Status: Minor
Seat: Marrowmont
Current Lord: None
Current Lady: Isalaine Graben
Realm: Stormlands
Heir: Emeryk Graben
Liege: Lord Gulian Swann
Cadet Branch: None
Vassals: House Wachstrom
Maester: None
Ancestral Weapon: Tenacity, a Valyrian steel greatsword
Founder: Ser Graben of the Andals
Founded: Andal Invasion
House Traits
Defense: 41
Influence: 31
Lands: 30
Law: 32
Population: 11
Power: 43
Wealth: 39(2 Free)

One of the oldest of the Marchwater Vale Houses, House Graben traces its lineage back to a knightly founder who helped seize the Stormlands from the First Men during the original Andal Invasion. Rewarded with guardianship over the pass from the Boneway into the river valley, the Graben have watched and guarded that pass ever since.


  • House Fortune: -1 Law; +2 Mine, +2 Trading Inn, +1 Artisan (Bowyer), +3 Maester; Wealth increases gain +1.
  • House Graben Fortunes

Irongarde Hills

The single passage from the Boneway into the Marchwater Vale, the Irongarde Hills have been the lands of House Graben for many generations. The domain is made up of steep, rolling hills with plenty of shale and chalk, but precious little verdancy. Martmin, the domain's sole estate is built near and involved in working the mine or herding sheep. (Lands: Hills; Road; 12 points)

  • Marrowmont: Small Castle. The ancestral seat of House Graben, Marrowmont is a fairly sizeable structure, its foundations built on ancient First Men construction. Marrowmont stands tall atop a hill with a sheer cliff-face facing the Boneway as it descends out of the Dornish Marches, providing a tremendously defensible control over the road. (Defense: 30)
    • Blackwood Bowyers: Artisan: Bowyer The Bowyers provide the Household troops with Castle Forged Bows. (Wealth: 10 Points)
    • Marrowmont Bowmen: Veteran Archers. The archers of Marrowmont are well-respected for their skill and training - to say nothing of their ability to rain a literal hail of arrows down on those poor unfortunates enough who would use the Boneway as an avenue of invasion. (Power: 8 points)
    • Maester Tolbric: Artisan: Bowyer (Wealth: 10 Points)
    • The Ironhooves: Veteran Cavalry. Clad in chain with distinctive iron helms, the Ironhooves are a troop of strong and well-trained cavalrymen. Generally speaking, at any given time, half the Ironhooves are in Marrowmont proper, with the other half split off into two five-man patrols across the rest of the Graben lands. (Power: 10 points)
  • The Iron Mines of House Graben: Mine (Basic). The hills of Irongarde have produced precious iron ore for generations. There are even a few mines that are wholly played out on the lands, gaping empty holes in the land. The current one is still producing, with the Graben smallfolk of Martmin mainly making their livings toiling in the earth. (Wealth: 10 points)

Wayman's Rest

A rolling plains between where the Boneway ends and the Marchwater itself, Wayman's Rest is named for a large Graben-owned trading inn that has been there for generations. Over time, a hamlet has grown up around it, which has taken on the name of the inn itself. In addition to the hamlet, this domain also has three estates: Stelle Place, Aldeschaft and Flussham. (Lands: Plains; Hamlet, River(damaged), Grasslands; 19 points)

  • Kraymun's Tower: Tower. Built by a Graben lord several generations ago when raiders were coming out of the hills. Rather than depending on the inn for fortifying defensive troops, Lord Kraymun built a tower on the edges of the then-village. That place has since grown to encompass the hill upon which the Tower stands. (Defense: 10 points)
    • The Graycloaks: Trained Garrison. In their distinctive stone grey cloaks edged in purple and leather caps, the garrison that protects Wayman's Rest are armed with shields and maces. (Power: 5 points)
  • Wayman's Rest Inn: Trading Inn. The oldest structure in Wayman's Rest - indeed, the very source of the name - the Inn is a strongly fortified structure from its days when it sat alone along a trader's route, its services often including defending merchant caravans from bandits and the like. Though those days are long past, the inn is still very prosperous and well-frequented. With a large taproom and a surplus of stables with rented storage, rooms both common and private and one of the best cooks in Wayman's Rest, it seems that it will remain that way for a long time. (Wealth: 10 points)


Though Helmport is the domain of House Swann, the marriage of Isalaine to Lord Waltyr came with a doweried townhouse for House Graben.

  • The Dowry House: Townhouse. A several-story, quite luxurious affair built in a U-shape around an open courtyard, the Dowry House is where members of House Graben stay when they are in Helmport, generally speaking. (Wealth: 2 points)

Members of the House

  • Lady Isalaine Graben: Dowager Lady of the House. (32 years)
  • Minisa Graben: The oldest daughter of House Graben, and the oldest of Waltyr and Isalaine's children.Somewhat jealous of her sister's Valyrian beauty, Minisa takes after her father more, with dark, curly hair and eyes of a deep hazel-gold. Minisa is a Lady's Maid at the court of Storm's End. (17 years)
  • Lord Emeryk Graben: Lord of the House. Recently inherited, Lord Emeryk has agreed to join Lord Renly's household in King's Landing for a few years, to give him some experience outside of Graben domains. (16 years)
  • Alysa Graben: The youngest daughter of the House, Alysa is precocious and clearly very intelligent. Alysa takes after her mother with her stunning Valyrian features. Alysa loves the household's cats, especially the black cats. Everyone in the castle knows that Alysa lays claim to every one of the black cats in Marrowmont. (14 years)
  • Lyle Graben: Heir of the House. The youngest son of the House, Lyle is a handsome lad. Though he doesn't have quite the Valyrian blood as his older sister and brother, he is a fair-haired child with deep blue eyes. He is good-natured most of the time, but given to long periods of solitude, playing by himself in the courtyard or in some tucked-away portion of the castle. (7 years)
  • Septa Janna: Septa. The younger sister of the late Lord Waltyr, and thus the aunt of Lord Emeryk, Septa Janna hasn't been back to Marrowmont in decades, since she took her vows as a septa. She is currently stationed at the Sept of Baelor in King's Landing.

Retainers of the House

Titled Retainers

  • Ser Brice Willum: Steward. A ward hostage from the time of Robert's Rebellion, Ser Brice is a son of House Willum of the Reach. (19 years)
  • Ser Ulwyck Mace: Master-at-Arms. A battle-companion of old Lord Waltyr and a common soldier raised to knighthood for saving the lord's life in Robert's Rebellion, Ser Ulwyck acts as the Master-at-Arms for Marrowmont. (42 years)
    • Laswell Kraedmyr: Ser Ulwyck's Squire; Heir of House Kraedmyr. Very much like his parents, Laswell is bookish and rather passive. He is doted on by his grandmother and older sister, though he and his father don't exactly have the closest relationship. The "Littlest Gryphon" is fascinated with gems, which delights his grandmother to no end, and the two used to spend hours playing with grand'mama's jewels in her salon. Laswell has since been taken as a squire by Ser Ulwyck Mace of House Graben; when Lord Garland witnessed the sons of Ser Ulwyck in the Squires' Melee at Lord Swann's Wedding Tourney, he insisted that the grizzled old knight be the one to train Laswell, over his wife's insistence and to his grandmother's horror. (12 years)
  • Ser Lucias of Helmport: Castellan. A knight of House Swann who accompanied Lady Isalaine on her marriage into House Graben, Ser Lucias has proven himself a valuable knight and commander, demonstrating skill in managing a castle's defenses and continued operation. He was appointed Castellan by Lord Waltyr before the old lord's death. (47 years)
    • Waltyr Mace:: Squire to Ser Lucias. The middle son of Ser Ulwyck Mace, Waltyr is sincere but impatient. He is terribly competitive with his older brother, bordering on jealousy. (12 years)
  • Malthias Storm: Master of Animals. A bastard with a tragic past and a young blonde daughter, the somewhat-grim Master of the Hunt has quite a way with animals, be they horses, hounds or even a maester's ravens. Though a family-less bastard, he has been given no small amount of renown, not simply for doing the job of a Master-of-the-Hunt, Master-of-Horse, Master-of-Ravens and Kennelmaster, but also for his healing skill and quick thinking in service to House Graben during the plot at Lord Swann's Wedding Tourney recently. (32 years)


  • Ser Dorun Seraen, the Hawk Knight: A cousin of the main branch of House Seraen, Ser Dorun has been in House Swann's court since he was a squire. He is known as the "Hawk Knight" to his fellows for his arms, which feature a hawk in flight over a tower, rather than his House's traditional arms. He is also an expert hawker, and usually travels with a fine Gyrfalcon that clings to his arm or to the perch he's had build into the front of his saddle. He has recently sworn his sword to House Graben's service, a move that has infuriated his family. (29 years)

Other Retainers

  • Septa Shani: Septa. Like many noble Houses who hold to the Seven, House Graben has a household septa whose work is mostly focused around the raising of children in the Faith, teaching the young girls of the household gentle skills expected of ladies and acting as chaperone when necessary. She is quite tall and thin, with a bird-like neck and pointed nose, and keeps her wimple tightly bound around her head. (62 years)

  • House Wachstrom: Minor House. A House with an impressive fleet of river-going warships, House Wachstrom owes its allegiance to House Graben.


Lineage of House Graben

House Graben has a long and storied past.

The Andal Invasion

4000 - 6000 years before Ageon's Landing

  • Unknown: Glory • Founding. House Graben was, according to the folklore and household legend, founded by Ser Graben the Andal, a mighty knight blessed by the newly-arrived Seven was granted the lands surmounting the valuable pass between the newly-forged Kingdom of Storms and the mad desert-dwelling city-states of Dorne. Following a vision, Ser Graben discovered iron ore on his lands.
  • 500 years later: Invasion The ancient rulers of the Stormlands, House Swann, driven out during the first landing of the Andals, returns with a host of First Men in an attempt to drive out the Andals. House Graben bears the first brunt of this invasion, and is devastated by it, forcing them to surrender to House Swann.

Age of the Seven Kingdoms

3000 years before Aegon's Landing

  • c. -500 AL: Ascent The first-born daughter of House Graben marries the young Lord Caron, cementing an alliance between Houses Graben and Caron that lasts until Aegon's Landing.

Aegon's Landing

AL 0

  • AL 2: With the arrival of Aegon and his two sisters - along with their dragons - the Stormlords find themselves severely outmatched. As last of the Storm Kings, Argilac "the Arrogant" Durrendon is destroyed and his House attainted and eradicated, House Graben is forced to follow the lead of their lieges, House Swann, in surrendering to Aegon and his new Targaryen dynasty, and swearing fealty to the newly-created House Baratheon.

Targaryen Dynasty

AL 5 - AL 280

  • AL 161: Glory When King Daeron I Targaryen marches his armies through the Boneway to conquer Dorne, House Graben is among them. They comport themselves with tremendous valor and skill in those battles, and the young heir of the House Emeryk in particular wins great accolades for his leadership and success in taking several important Dornish keeps, breaking the Dornish supply line. Upon his return, he is named Defender of the Kingdom and given the title of Warden of the Marchwater Vale. House Swann grants lands that extend the Graben domains from Irongarde Pass to the western shore of the Marchwater.
  • AL 196: Scandal A mere thirty years later, however, Lord Kolwyn Graben, son of Lord Emeryk, is enwrapped in the Blackfyre Rebellion, supporting House Blackfyre in their attempt to overthrow House Targaryen. After the Rebellion is put down, Lord Kolwyn is executed, and his heir Walvis is stripped of the title Warden of the Marchwater Vale. The title is remanded to House Swann.
  • AL 264: Isalaine Swann born to Howlun Swann and his second wife, Amandselle of Lys.
  • AL 276: Waltyr Graben and Isalaine Swann are wed in the Helmport Sept.
  • AL 279: Minisa Graben, the first child of Waltyr and Isalaine, is born.
  • AL 280: Emeryk Graben is born, and named Heir of the House.

Robert's Rebellion

AL 281 - 283

  • AL 282: While Lord Waltyr is away at war, Alysa Graben is born.
  • AL 283: Victory. When Robert calls his banners to war, House Graben leaps eagerly into the fray. In the battles against House Tyrell to free Storm's End from siege, Lord Waltyr comports himself quite well, striking a decisive blow against the Tyrell forces led by House Willum.
    • During this battle, the common soldier Ulwyck the Mace saves the life of Lord Waltyr. In gratitude, Lord Waltyr knights the soldier on the battlefield, and the man takes the name Ser Ulwyck Mace. Lord Waltyr and Ser Ulwyck are fast friends from that day forward.
    • As part of the Tyrell surrender, a few hostages are taken from key Houses of the Reach who participated. House Graben is given wardship over the heir of House Willum, the five-year old Brice Willum.

Recent History

  • AL 290: Lyle Graben is born.
  • AL 295: Malthias Storm is taken on as a groom at Marrowmont. He quickly demonstrates ample skill with animals, including Maester Tygett's ravens. Rather than subject the aged maester to marching up and down stairs to reach the rookery constantly, Malthias is assigned to help tend to them when necessary, for which the old half-blind scholar is grateful.
    • Later that year, the quite old Maester Tygett finally succumbs to his old age and passes away at the ripe age of 92. Rather than find the coin to get another Maester for the House, Lord Waltyr appoints Brice Willum as his Steward, and extends Malthias' duties to continuing to tend to the rookery until the House can acquire a new Maester.
  • AL 296: Lord Waltyr Graben is on a hunt when he and his retainers are killed by a pack of rogue wolves when camping. Most of the men get out alive (though injured), but Lord Waltyr and Gilwood, the old Master of the Hunt, are killed. Emeryk becomes the new Lord Graben at age 16, and Malthias is made the new Master of the Hunt.
  • AL 297: Chronicle Begins.