House Willum

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House Willum
Unvanquished We Remain
Status: Minor
Seat: Threeswords
Current Lord: Fenkirk Willum
Current Lady: Adia Willum
Realm: The Reach
Heir: Brice Willum
Liege: Lord Mace Tyrell
Cadet Branch: None
Vassals: None
Founder: Unknown
Founded: The Blackfyre Rebellion
House Traits
Defense: 22
Influence: 34
Lands: 25
Law: 23
Population: 20
Power: 27
Wealth: 28

Its origins lost in legend, House Willum was nearly destroyed in retribution for supporting the Blackfyres in their rebellion against the Targaryens. A single daughter of the House married to a noble knight of House Redding remained to guarantee her House's survival into modern times. Now, House Willum struggles to regain some measure of its old glory.


  • House Fortune: -2 Law, +3 Maester, +2 Herb Fields. Wealth Increases due to House Fortune Rolls are increased by 1d3 (Distilleries).

The Painted Downs

The westernmost stretches of the Willum lands, the Painted Downs are named for the profusion of wildflowers and herbs cascading through shallow basins sculpted by streams that feed the Cockleswent. Once, the downs produced valuable dyes for House Willum, but the fields were put to the torch during the Blackfyre Rebellion. The House hasn't restored the downs to their original purpose, having found that the weedy regrowth left in the wake of the fires nurtures large bee populations, leading the House to instead begin establishing formal apiaries in the downs. The domain's sole estate, Waxworth, has taken the lead in this endeavor, but its hives don't yet produce honey or beeswax with a notable profit. Threeswords, built following the Blackfyre Rebellion, also stands in the downs. (Lands: Plains, River, Grasslands; 9 points)

  • Threeswords: Hall. House Willum found itself without a seat after losing Wyrmgrave, so Lord Regent Alister Redding raised Threeswords as a new seat with the meager resources left to the House and help from House Redding itself. Situated on the banks of the Cockleswent, Threeswords is known more for its utilitarian militant nature than any notions of grace or beauty. House Willum's forces are trained and barracked here, though detachments range the House's open lands. Construction of a road to connect Threeswords with Sweet Heath hamlet is planned but awaits funding to begin. (Defense: 20 points)
    • Maester Heire (Wealth: 10 points)
    • The Abiding Blades: Veteran Infantry. Lord Regent Alister Redding, a famed swordsman, established the Abiding Blades as the first defense of what remained of the Willum lands. A reflection of the House's own pride in swordsmanship, the Blades receive extensive training, and, to increase their prowess, individual squads are regularly lent to nearby Houses in times of need. In the eastern Reach, when the Abiding Blades take the field in their distinctive silver-edged armor and black tabards, their enemies know any victory will be an uphill battle at best. (Power: 9 points)
    • The Heathmen: Trained Support. Thanks to the wide array of herbal remedies available in the Willum lands, the Heathmen have developed as a trusted corps of field medics, though their training includes other forms of battlefield support as well. They dress in the silver gray of a dye derived from herb leaves, its sweet scent announcing the arrival of their succor. (Power: 5 points)
    • The Willum Archers: Trained Archers. Though they lack the prestige of the Abiding Blades, House Willum's archers, in their white coats, provide valuable long range support in the open fields of the Reach. (Power: 6 points)
    • The Black Saddles: Green Cavalry. The newest addition to House Willum's forces, the black saddles are employed as much as a scouting corps and peacekeeping force ranging the open lands as a formal cavalry. The smallfolk. who gave the horsemen their name, are beginning to respect the black saddles as an extension of the House's authority to the outer reaches of its territory. (Power: 6 points)

Sweet Heath

Famed for its verdant herb fields, Sweet Heath has been the main source of House Willum's wealth since the Blackfyre Rebellion. Numerous families in the domain capitalize on its bounty by distilling herb-infused liquors called heath balms. Goat herds also wander the land, producing uniquely sweet and aromatic milk thanks to their herbal diet. An old road fallen to disrepair since the loss of Silver Lake stretches northward toward ruined Wyrmgrave. (Lands: Plains, Grasslands; 6 points)

  • The Herb Fields of Sweet Heath: Herb Fields. A myriad of herbs flourish in Sweet Heath, cultivated for their culinary and medicinal value. The heath's distilleries, however, provide its most distinctive form of wealth. (Wealth: 10 points)
    • Heath Balm Distilleries: Distillery. The distillation of heath balms has been the prestigious tradition in Sweet Heath for generations. The three estates of Sweet Heath--Blanchard, Augustin, and Rys--are familial estates each with their own secret techniques and recipes producing unique appellations, though less significant families also contribute their own minor labels. (Wealth: +5 point improvement to herb fields)
  • Sweet Heath: Hamlet. The hamlet of Sweet Heath serves as the collection point for the heath balms distilled in the surrounding herb fields. All of the heath's balms are served in the hamlet's lone tavern, the Graygreen Commons, which also serves as a rest stop and rally point for the itinerant detachments of House Willum's forces from Threeswords. (Lands: 10 points)

Silver Lake (Lost Domain)

House Willum rose to new prominence when Lord Hall Willum slayed Ivorgore, a dragon of white scales limned in silver. The dragon in its death throes unleashed several springs that flooded the surrounding meadows, giving rise to a lake. Lord Willum raised his seat, Wyrmgrave, where the bones of that dragon lay on the lakeshore. Great schools of silver-scaled perch coursed through the lake, and when the members of House Willum saw these schools glimmering in its light dappled waters, they whispered that the soul of the dragon still swam in Silver Lake.

When House Willum declared themselves the Dragonslayers and rose against the Targaryens in the Blackfyre Rebellion, they suffered a crushing defeat at their hand. Wyrmgrave was immolated with most of House Willum trapped inside, and the entire line was nearly extinguished. Silver Lake and the ruins of Wyrmgrave were awarded to House Cockshaw, who holds them to this day. Efforts to rebuild on Wyrmgrave's bones have all met with disaster, though Cockshaw fishermen harvest the rich schools of perch that still fill the lake.

Members of the House

Members of House Willum
  • Lord Fenkirk Willum: Lord of the House. Lord Fenkirk is a grim man, tall and thin, with sharply defined features under his closely-cropped beard. He is a fair strategist, but it's said that his defeat at the Seige of Storm's End has haunted him since it happened. (40 years)
  • Lady Adia Willum: Lady of the House. Every inch the noble lady, Lady Adia runs her household well and firmly. She has long chestnut hair that is beginning to show a few lines of shining silver, and she favors gowns in cream, gold and misty grey. Lady Adia is a good mother, and quite devoted to her children. She is a "green apple" Fossoway, and still maintains excellent relations with her brother, Ser Jon. (38 years)
  • Ser Brice Willum: Heir of the House. (19 years)
  • Ser Josua Willum: The second son, Josua shows a great deal of promise. Though he is no match for Elyas' swordsmanship skills, he seems to be a fine tactician. His weakness seems to be young women, though he's not a rake; the simple fact is that his fine face, stunning grey eyes and fighter's frame makes him irresistable to young women, who often approach him with lascivious intent. He's been caught abed with more than a few young women of the household staff before. (18 years)
  • Ser Elyas Willum: An excellent swordsman and skilled horseman, Ser Elyas was knighted after an unexpected victory at a Highgarden tourney by Lord Mace Tyrell himself. Ser Elyas takes a great deal of pride in his exalted anointing, and he can tend towards a certain level of brash arrogance. After Lord Swann's Wedding Tourney in Stonehelm, Ser Elyas decided to undertake the life of a hedge knight for himself, seeking some travel and possibly finding his way into a great lord's service. (17 years)
  • Eusemie and Mina Willum: Sweet girls both, and quite lovely, the Willum twins are practically inseparable. Of the two, Mina is the outgoing one, well-known for her sense of adventure and refusal to be limited by the fact that she's a girl. She isn't a tomboy, however - she's simply a strong-willed young lady, a fact that frustrates her father and brother, but which her mother clearly fosters. Mina has stated on more than one occasion that she looks forward t being the Lady of her own House. Eusemie, on the other hand, is quite meek, and tends to rely on Mina (who is fiercely protective of her). She is bookish and a very devout young lady, so much so that she has talked about becoming a septa before. (14 years)
  • Barth Willum: The youngest of the House Willum sons, Barth is squire to Ser John Fossoway, Adia's brother. He shows fair promise as a lancer and archer, though he is a fair hand with the sword as well. (11 years)

Retainers of the House

  • XXX


Lineage of House Willum

The Andal Invasion

4000 - 6000 years before Aegon's Landing

  • Unknown: Though its original founding is lost to history, it is known that House Willum served through most of its history as bannermen to the lost House Meade. A vague sense that House Willum distinguished itself in their service permeates its early identity.

The Dance of Dragons

129 - 137 AL

  • 131 AL: House Willum rises to significance when Lord Hall Willum slays the dragon Ivorgore, who ravaged the Meade holdings and destroyed the House itself, during the Dance of Dragons. In its victory, House Willum claims part of the Meade lands, raising the new stronghold of Wyrmgrave once Aegon III consolidates his power. The Houses Meadows and Hastwycke also make claims to other Meade domains. House Willum changes its coat of arms to a dragon skeleton on white.

The Blackfyre Rebellion

195 - 196 AL

  • 195 AL: Decline. House Willum declares for Daemon Blackfyre and names its members the Dragonslayers as a boast to vanquish the Targaryens. The House suffers an early and crushing loss, with Wyrmgrave and all its residents immolated. A single daughter of the House, Jyen Willum, remains. She had married Ser Alister Redding, a younger son of his House, and lived on Redding lands. Their three sons, Garent, Wesley, and Elyan, become the new Willum line. Lord Regent Alister Redding adds a black field with three silver swords to the Willum coat of arms.

Robert's Rebellion

AL 281 - 283

  • AL 283: When the Tyrells call their banners to war, House Willum leaps eagerly into the fray. During the siege at Storm's End, Lord Waltyr Graben strikes a decisive blow against the Tyrell forces led by Lord Fenkirk Willum.
    • As part of the Tyrell surrender, a few hostages are taken from key Houses of the Reach who participated. House Graben is given wardship over the heir of House Willum, the five-year old Brice Willum.