House Kraedmyr

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House Kraedmyr
Ever-Vigilant, Ever-Fierce
Status: Minor (Status 5)
Seat: Gryphmont
Current Lord: Garland Kraedmyr
Current Lady: Orisa Kraedmyr
Realm: Stormlands
Heir: Laswell Kraedmyr
Liege: Lord Gulian Swann
Cadet Branch: None
Vassals: None
Maester: Ambrosine
Ancestral Weapon: Ferocious, a Valyrian steel morningstar
Founder: Kraedmyr the Griff
Founded: Aegon's Conquest

Oh, the tales that are told of the Kraedmyr. Madmen tucked into a mist-haunted valley of the mountains overlooking the Marchwater, their legacy is writ with madness and villainy. The smallfolk of the Marchwater Vale speak in whispers of how many of their villages are all but ghost-towns, with few people to work the fields. Despite this, the Kraedmyrs are quite wealthy, and with good reason - the silver mines of House Kraedmyr are rich and have continued to pour silver and the occasional batch of gemstones out of their misty valley for generations.

The smallfolk tell all manner of stories about the Kraedmyr, stories of generational insanity, worship of demons or vile blood-thirsty practices dedicated to the Old Gods of Westeros. Even now, they say that the Lady Orisa Kraedmyr, the Widow of Gryphmont, stays unnaturally young and beautiful by bathing in the blood of peasant girls. It is said that Gryphmont is a massive old castle with extensive catacombs beneath it, is old and run-down, with entire sections of the crumbling spired castle abandoned to dust, spider webs and the ghosts of the past.

Plenty of folk, of course, attribute these stories to simple jealousy of House Kraedmyr's fabulous wealth. In possession of the largest silver and gemstone mines in the Stormlands, the Kraedmyrs are not above ostentation - indeed, some suggest that it is second nature to them, growing up as they do surrounded by their familial riches.


  • House Fortune: Mines +3; Artisans +1; Rich: +2; +1d6+1 to Wealth increases; +1 to Influence increases
  • Rich Lifestyle (Wealth 10): +1 Intrigue Defense, +1B to Endurance checks when healing naturally.

Gryphmont Vale

The domain of Gryphmont Vale has something of a sinister reputation among Marchwater Valefolk. Though both of Gryphmont's estates are tucked into mist-shrouded valleys, the impressive, towered castle of Gryphmont itself commands a tall and powerful mountain ledge overlooking the primary entry into those valleys. A small variety of streams trickle out of these mountains, eventually feeding the Marchwater miles away. (Lands: Mountains; Stream; 10 pts)

  • Gryphmont: The ancestral seat of House Kraedmyr is a tall and imposing structure, with little room to spread out on its narrow mountain ledge, so most of its ample space is vertical, with a half-dozen towers. Its central keep actually overlooks the small courtyards below, being chiseled out of the side of the Gryphmont itself. The center of this keep is an expansive and beautiful solar, the pride of the family's castle, with massive, beautiful stained glass windows depicting scenes of the family's history, and the House's coat of arms in a single central pane. Below Gryphmont is the valley estate Rhynwald. (Defense: Castle - 40 pts; Wealth: Solar - 3 pts)
    • Maester Ambrosine: Maester Ambrosine is based out of Gryphmont. (Wealth: 10 pts)
  • The Gryphons of Kraedmyr: Veteran Infantry Though there aren't many of them, the Gryphons are well-regarded for their skills in battle. They go armed with morningstars, shields and ring mail.
  • The Kaldyr Mines: The second estate of House Kraedmyr is the sparsely-populated Kaldyr. Its population are all involved in work around the Kaldyr Mines, a series of silver mines that occasionally yield small veins of gemstones as well, particularly fine emeralds. (Wealth: 25 pts)
    • The Jewelers of Kaldyr: Those citizens of Kaldyr who are not miners are involved in the shaping of the exquisite jewelry that comes out of Gryphmont domain, working in fine silver, malachite and emeralds. (Wealth: Artisans 10; Appropriate Holding -5)

Elibara Valley

Elibara Valley, the hilly domains that sit between the mountains and the Marchwater proper, are a sparsely populated agrarian domain, with a trio of small estates who primarily grow food crops for themselves and their lords in the mountains above them. (Lands: Hills; Stream; 8 pt)

  • Smallholder Defenses: Trained Guerillas The smallholders of the valley form a basic militia on orders of Lord Garland to see to the domain's defense. (Defense 5 pts)

Members of the House


Marchwater locals jestingly refer to House Kraedmyr as the "army of gryphons" for the vast number of cousins, aunts, uncles and other kin that surrounds the main branch of the family.

Main Branch

  • Dowager Lady Orisa Kraedmyr: Dowager Lady. The Widow of Gryphmont is said to be incredibly beautiful and quite severe. Originally of House Whent in the Riverlands, the old Lord Yrrigon married her when he won her hand at tourney. When he returned with his Riverlands Beauty, his people rejoiced - though not for long. Orisa has a reputation for cruelty and great pride, though she hasn't been seen publicly in a number of years. (55 years)
  • Lord Garland Kraedmyr: Lord of the House. Lord of Gryphmont, Garland is without question well under the thumb of his dowager mother. He seems to prefer it that way, however, and has never balked at her authority. But neither is Lord Kraedmyr incompetent or incapable; he is simply extremely pragmatic and devoted to his beloved mother. (36 years)
  • Lady Dynia Kraedmyr: Lady of the House. Quiet and bookish to a fault, Lady Dynia is rarely seen outside of her haven: the expansive libraries of Kraedmyr. Never really much of a beauty to begin with, years of reading in poor light have given the woman a squint that only serves to make her appear older than her actual years. (31 years)
    • Orya Kraedmyr: Those who know the Kraedmyrs well know that if Orisa had her way, it would be Orya who inherited Gryphmont. Well-educated by her mother, and willing to put that cleverness to work for her, Orya is already a beauty like her grandmother. Indeed, the locals often sing of the "Maid of Gryphmont" wistfully, having learned the song from a minstrel who stayed for a fortnight at the Gryphmont. (15 years)
    • Laswell Kraedmyr: Very much like his parents, Laswell is bookish and rather passive. He is doted on by his grandmother and older sister, though he and his father don't exactly have the closest relationship. The "Littlest Gryphon" is fascinated with gems, which delights his grandmother to no end, and the two used to spend hours playing with grand'mama's jewels in her salon. Laswell has since been taken as a squire by Ser Ulwyck Mace of House Graben; when Lord Garland witnessed the sons of Ser Ulwyck in the Squires' Melee at Lord Swann's Wedding Tourney, he insisted that the grizzled old knight be the one to train Laswell, over his wife's insistence and to his grandmother's horror. (12 years)
  • Minia Flint: The second child of Orisa and Yrrigon, Minia was married to House Flint in the North twelve years ago. (30 years)
  • Ser Hodmar Kraedmyr: Unmarried and seemingly content to stay that way, Ser Hodmar is Lord Gardland's younger brother, and a knight in service to House Kraedmyr. Though he has been offered a place in Lord Swann's entourage, he has demurred, preferring to remain at Gryphmont in service to his brother. He is known as something of a rakish fellow, often found in the beds of pretty villagers in the Kraedmyr domains. (27 years)
  • Ashei Krademyr: A maid of calm demeanor and sweet disposition, Ashei is something of a daredevil. Though she knows she's being "reserved" for marriage to someone who might make the House a good alliance, she has doubts this will ever occur. In the meantime, she often spends time away from Gryphmont exploring the mountains around her homeland, often accompanied by her cousin Sumner. (22 years)

Other Branches

Lineage of House Kraedmyr
  • Ser Valarr Kraedmyr: Castellan and Lord's Granduncle. Now quite old, Ser Valarr served his House with distinction for the whole of his life. Although technically he still holds the title of castellan, there is little likelihood of his having to fulfill that role, given the sheer number of Krademyrs in residence at Gryphmont. Ser Valarr has always been kind and generous, and tried to teach the young men of his House the proper behavior of a knight. He and his beloved Kaila never had any children, and she preceded him into the grave some twenty years ago. (72 years)
  • Ser Robin Kraedmyr: Master-at-Arms and Lord's Uncle. Old Lord Yrrigon's younger brother, and thus uncle to Lord Garland, Ser Robin is the Master-at-Arms for Gryphmont, a title he has only held since the death of Arron five years ago. In truth, though, he has a reputation as somewhat lazy and lax at his job. It is frequently Lord Garland himself who teaches the young men of the keep to fight. (37 years)
  • Dhara Kraedmyr: Lord's Aunt Originally from the Vale, Dhara has long been disappointed in her marriage. Time and despair have turned her to drink, and she affects the demeanor of someone who is beyond care. She is shrewish and caustic with her words, with criticism for everyone. Though she doesn't speak ill of Lord Garland, it is the dowager lady Orisa who truly strikes fear into her. (35 years)
    • Sumner Kraedmyr: Lord's Cousin. Squire to Lord Garland, Sumner is well on his way to becoming a knight. Though he is adventurous like his cousin Ashei, he is also narrow-minded and deeply opinionated. He practically worships old Lord Kennet, the father of Ser Valarr, even though stories outside the House make him out to be a madman. This affection extends to Ser Valarr as well - it is Sumner who most often visits and cares for his old grand-uncle. (16 years)
  • Janyce Qorgyle: Lord's Aunt. Married off to House Qorgyle of Dorne fifteen years ago, Janyce makes a point of visiting once every few years or so. She and Helicent are dear friends, and her home is always open to Helicent's visits. Noteworthy as being quite short (barely five feet in height), Janyce is also notoriously greedy, frequently seeking gifts of money and jewelry from her Kraedmyr family members. (34 years)
  • Helicent Kraedmyr: Lord's Aunt. The wife of the late Ser Arron, Helicent is a thin woman of a nervous disposition. Her husband, Arron, died five years ago when his horse stumbled in a storm and he fell off a cliff to his death. Though she loves her children, she dislikes Gryphmont greatly. Given her druthers, she would return to her family, House Ashford of the Reach, but Lady Orisa has made it very clear that while she may go where she likes, her children are Kraedmyrs and belong at Gryphmont. Helicent's one true friend is Arron's older sister, Janyce Qorgyle, whom she visits frequently. (27 years)
    • Kyrana Kraedmyr: Shy and quiet, Kyrana is something of a mystery to her family. She sometimes seems to be entirely different people, and has been punished more than once for her little mummeries. Though bashful, she is also quite courageous and has been known to sneak into places she oughtn't be on more than one occasion. (10 years)
    • Kennet Kraedmyr: A daydreamer and notoriously clumsy, young Kennet shows the promise of height and size in the future. His small voice has already begun deepening even at this tender age. Though Helicent wishes him to squire at House Qorgyle, Orisa won't have it. (8 years)
    • Kevan Kraedmyr: Though still a small boy, little Kevan already dreams of the day when he can be a knight. He has laid claim to nearly every toy knight or soldier in the castle, even sometimes taking his cousins' and siblings' toys by force in order to accumulate a large army for himself. Lady Orisa simply chuckles. (6 years)
  • Myles and Perra's Children: Lord's Cousins. Both Myles and Perra are dead, leaving their children in the care of the House. Perra died in childbirth with Leyla, and her husband Myles - the youngest of old Lord Yrrigon's siblings - died of a bloody flux three years ago. (both 28 years)
    • Yve Kraedmyr: Given to terrible dreams, Yve is a thin and pale young girl. She also sometimes suffers weeping fits around too many people, for which Maester Ambrosine must often sedate her. The servants call her the "Ghost of Gryphmont" because she often sequesters herself in her chambers during the day, sometimes sleeping to all hours, and then haunting the castle during the midnight hours, eschewing illumination altogether as she navigates its dark halls and sits in the windows staring at the moon outside. (12 years)
    • Arthan Kraedmyr: The constant playmate of Kennet and Kevan, Arthan is quiet but fearless. Arthan has already declared that he wishes to become a maester, a better one than Maester Ambrosine, who failed to save his father from illness. The young man clearly holds a very intense grudge against the old maester. (9 years)
    • Leyla Kraedmyr: One thing can be said about Leyla: she is an angry, angry young girl. With a temper worth three girls her size and a willingness to take on even those much larger than herself, Leyla frequently bullies the other children of the castle. While her cousins have all but shunned her for her temper, she is quite vicious in her treatment of the castle's servants' children. (7 years)

Retainers of the House

Given its incredible number of Kraedmyrs in residence at Gryphmont, the House maintains relatively few other retainers of note.

  • Maester Ambrosine: Maester of the House. Having served House Kraedmyr for most of his life, Maester Ambrosine is a fixture in Gryphmont. Somewhat sickly, although handsome in his way, Ambrosine suffers from a terrible fear of heights, meaning he doesn't often leave Gryphmont. Rumors around the castle also proclaim him a lusty man, with an eye for the pretty servants. Nonetheless, his dedication to House is unwavering, and he is quite knowledgeable in matters of ravens and money. (41y)
  • Delvion: Chamberlain. The household chamberlain is a short, fat man with a round, somewhat cherubic face. He speaks in a somewhat slobbery voice and is obsequious to a fault, though the servants live in terror of him. (43 years)


  • Scandal: X
  • Madness: X
  • Catastrophe: X