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As you guys can tell, Mahanaga is starting to feel a little small right now. So, I'd like you guys to turn your attention to the bigger world, as well as to your character's past.

There are people with whom your character has interacted in the world, obviously. I'd like to know who these people are. Some ideas to get you started:

  • Lover: Describe a character that your character has been intimate with. While in theory your character could have had relations with just about anyone else on this list, this person is someone with whom your character's primary relationship was that of sexual intimacy and possibly even close romantic affection.
  • Family: Describe a relative that has had a profound influence on your character's life. It isn't good enough to have a sibling that you grew up with - this sibling must have been someone you loved dearly, or absolutely hated, or a parent whose unconditional love or scathing criticism left a lasting impression on who your character has become.
  • Mentor/Master: A figure of authority and possible vocational instruction, describe for me a teacher, mentor, master or even an owner (for those who have experienced slavery).
  • Student: Describe an individual that has looked up to your character for instruction or wisdom. Who have they since gone on to become?
  • Rival: This is someone who isn't a full-blown enemy. Rather, this is someone who sought to always one-up you, make you look bad or even simply belittled you constantly by just being better than you and being perky about it at the same time (those are the fucking worst). Who is this person?
  • Good Friend: Tell me who your character's BFF is. The bosom friend, in whom your character can confide, the one you always got into trouble with, the one who provided your alibi when you were out getting in to trouble, or the rascal that you liked enough to cover for sometimes.
  • Sidekick: Describe the character who looked up to you as his or her ideal of some kind. You were awesome in their eyes, and they followed you around trying to get in your good graces.
  • Hero: Alternately, this is someone that your character idealized, a person whose incredible skills, perfect bearing, great wisdom or just sheer all around awesomeness drew in your character's attention (and maybe even a little bit of worship).
  • Good Samaritan: This is someone that suddenly showed up one day, when your character was in a rough situation, and lent a kind helping hand with no reason - or maybe only a small reason. Alternately, this is someone that you served as that helping hand to.
  • Servant/Slave: This is someone your character has tremendous authority over - maybe even ownership over. But it's not just any schmuck maid or concubine, mind you. There should be something that makes this character stand out, despite their lowly station.


Detail up to three characters. I'd like a name and description of each, as well as why they are relevant to your character. I'd prefer that each one was from a different category (as above).

Reward: Each character will be worth 1 xp. Like the previous homework, I will be telling you how those XP can be spent, though. I will say that the XP will be apportioned up towards things that the character is relevant to; if you tell me about the old savant that taught you all about spirits, your big brother that used to take you camping all the time, and your best friend who was a sparring partner, I'm probably going to give you 1 XP for Occult (and related Charms), 1 XP for Survival (and related Charms) and 1 XP for Melee (and related Charms).

Alternately, if the character is noteworthy enough, or I decide has some appropriate influence, I may decide to hand out a dot or so in new Backgrounds.

So, fair warning. :)

Also, feel free to use the naming components on the Exalted-Name-Components page when it comes time to name these characters.


Crimson Slate

Whispering Bear