House Kellington

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House Kellington
Wise and Strong
Status: Minor (Status 4)
Seat: Tomekeep (Castle)
Current Lord: Samwell Kellington
Current Lady: Maege Kellington
Realm: Stormlands
Heir: Sigfryd Kellington
Liege: Eldon Estermont
Cadet Branch: None
Vassals: House Kelmore
Maester: Lomas
Ancestral Weapon: None
Founder: Unknown
Founded: Age of Heroes

A small coastal House in the southeast Rainwood, House Kellington is sworn to House Estermont. Possessed of a small fleet of ships, House Kellington is perhaps best known for the quality of the parchment that comes out of Tomekeep, over half of which is purchased annually by the Citadel in Oldtown. Tomekeep is well-known for its massive library, the pride of House Kellington. Traditionally, the Kellingtons have also taken pride in the literacy of their sons and daughters, and though none in the current generation have forged a chain at the Citadel, House Kellington's history is filled with many renowed maesters.





Members of the House

  • Lord Samwell Kellington: Lord of the House. X (36 years)
  • Lady Maege Kellington: Lady of the House. A daughter of House Kelmore who spent a great deal of time in Tomekeep's library. She was always aware of young Samwell's fascination with her, despite being six years older than he. When he was twelve, House Kellington approached their bannermen about marriage between the two, and they were betrothed for four years until he got his spurs. Maege is an excellent Kellington, clever and well-learned, calm and not given to emotional outbursts. (42 years)
  • Alannys XXX: First Daughter. Married into House XXX (20 years)
  • Emberlei Kellington: Second Daughter. The middle daughter of House Kellington is, as expected from House Kellington, quite well-educated and literate. With the dark hair common to her family, Emberlei has a somewhat husky, smoky voice and isn't particularly tall. She is known to speak several languages, and to have studied the healing arts with Maester Lomas. (16 years)
  • Marianne Kellington: Third Daughter. X (10 years)
  • Sigfryd Kellington: Heir. X (9 years)
  • Ser Quincy Kellington: Samwell's Brother and Master-of-Horse. X (X years)
  • Una Kellington: Ser Quincy's Wife. X (X years)
  • Alys Kellington: Ser Quincy's Daughter. X (X years)

Retainers of the House

  • Ser Alesander: Castellan. X (X years)
  • Ser Robert Kelmore: Master-at-Arms. X (X years)
  • Ser Godric Kelmore: Household Knight. X (X years)
  • Ser Jammos: Household Knight. X (X years)
  • Maester Lomas: Maester. X (X years)
  • Septon Dagon: House Septon. X (X years)
  • Septa Ashara: Nursemaid. X (X years)
  • Brandon: Master-of-Hunt. X (X years)
  • Shella Kelmore: Lady-in-Waiting. X (X years)


  • Favor: Influence: +3, Lands: +1, Law: +3, Power: +4
  • Ascent: Influence: +1, Lands: +1, Power: +2, Wealth: +4
  • Victory: Defense: +6, Influence: +5, Power: +4
  • Infrastructure: Defense +2, Power +2
  • Scandal: Influence: –6, Law: –4, Power: –4
  • Treachery: Influence: –1, Law: –5, Power: +2,