House Kelmore

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House Kelmore
Ever Forward
Status: Knightly (Status 3)
Seat: Oakenlance (Tower; in ruins)
Current Lord: Ser Robert Kelmore
Current Lady: Shella Kelmore
Realm: Stormlands
Heir: Ser Godric Kelmore
Liege: Samwell Kellington
Cadet Branch: None
Vassals: None
Maester: None
Ancestral Weapon: None
Founder: Unknown
Founded: Andal Invasion

A knightly House in service to House Kellington, House Kelmore has fallen far since their founding days. Generations of calamity have devastated their lands. Today, their domain, Deepingbole, is deserted of all smallfolk, and its old tower, Oakenlance, lies in ruins. The Kelmores maintain residence in Tomekeep, their liege lord's seat, in service to him, while holding firm to the dream of one day restoring their own holdings to strength again.

Sigil: The Oak and Lance


  • Deepingbole: Plains; Light Woods, Ruins

Members of the House

  • Ser Robert Kelmore: Master of the House, Master-at-Arms for House Kellington. X (36 years)
  • Shella Kelmore: Mistress of the House, Lady-in-Waiting for House Kellington. X (38 years)
  • Ser Godric Kelmore Heir of the Household, Knight for House Kellington. A somewhat homely young man, Ser Godric is quickly making a name for himself in tourneys. He has a reputation as a solid, tactically-minded warrior, and a shy man around pretty girls. (19 years)
  • Maric Kelmore: Second Son, Squire to Ser Alesander of House Kellington. X (15 years)
  • Gwynesse Kelmore: First Daughter. X (11 years)
  • Lysa Kelmore: Second Daughter. X (10 years)

Retainers of the House



  • Invasion/Revolt: Law: –5, Population: –4, Power: –6, Wealth: –4
  • Villain: Influence: +1, Law: -6, Population: -2, Power: +6
  • Ascent: Influence: +3, Lands: +5, Power: +6, Wealth: +2
  • Doom: Defense: –11, Influence: –4, Lands: –8, Law: –8, Population: –8, Power: –6, Wealth: –3
  • Catastrophe: Law: –4, Population: –6, Power: –4, Wealth: –1
  • Catastrophe: Law: –2, Population: –3, Power: –1, Wealth: –4