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Attachments (4/4 HP)

  • Upgraded reactor (0 HP)
  • Two twin light laser cannons (1 HP)


  • Advanced Subspace Encryption Array (1 HP)
    • Computers (Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png) for anyone other than intended recipient to detect message transmissions. Upgrade the Difficulty to decipher such transmissions once.
    • Mods purchased: None
    • Mods Available: Add Setback-die.png to enemy detection (x2), Add Setback-die.png to enemy deciphering (x2)
  • Enhanced Hyperspace Shields (1 HP)
    • Downgrade difficulty once for Astrogation checks to navigate ship through hyperspace.
    • Remove Setback-die.png from Astrogation checks to navigate through hyperspace (x2)
  • High-Output Ion Turbine (1 HP)
    • Speed +1, System Strain Threshold -1

Quarters Assignments

  • Hastara's Quarters (1)
  • Hastara's Temple (2), a meditation space where she stores the various Nightsister artifacts she has managed to acquire so far.
  • Zosa's Quarters (3)
  • Tr'll's Quarters (4)
  • Infirmary (5), with two bunks.
  • Bas' Quarters (6)