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Waterdhavian Noble Clique
The Popinjays are the nickname for a small but distinctive clique of young nobles in Waterdeep's social set. All rakish and fashion-conscientious, the Popinjays are all fellows who are part of the big festhall and parties scene. They are also citizens of Twilight Vaeteru to a one – in some ways, it's what bound them together initially.

In the few years since the group was established, they eventually tired of sad excuses for parties, and started throwing their own parties. Word passes among the fashionable and trendy young nobles via coded messages, and then on the evening intended, it all just sort of comes together at an unexpected (and often wildly inappropriate) location. At the ordained time, there are simply suddenly musicians playing, drinks circulating, magical lights creative a festive atmosphere, and attractive, fashionable young nobles there partying as hard as they can before the Watch shows up to break it all up.

Psalm Melshimber
The Rake • 21 years
Harthone Adarbrent
The Lothario • 23 years
The red-headed young man who is the darling of Waterdeep's social set, Harthone seems intent on sleeping his way through the available beds of every noble house in the city, man and woman alike. Though much of his family considers him wildly frustrating for his inability to shoulder responsibility, Harthone will happily tell one that he is creating lasting alliances and connections.
Gulmos Thongolir
The Roguish Poet • 23 years
Sweet-faced, with a slight scar to one eyebrow, Gulmos is a cynical poet and carefree hedonist. He claims to never date anyone but pirates, and he has a whole bevy of shady friends. He's always got the best drugs, and tends to do his best writing while on them. He has a rapier-sharp wit that he doesn't hesitate to turn on those outside of the Popinjays; his friends he treats with delighted patience and tolerance, cheering them on to new heights of debauchery and fun.
The Mead-Soaked Barbarian • 22 years
Vargrimm isn't always Vargrimm. When away from the Popinjays, she is Raelen Crommor, who from all indications doesn't much care for the responsibilities and expectations that her parents put on her. So when she meets with the Popinjays, she uses the heights of the saece-craft she knows and becomes Vargrimm, a wayward Uthgardt who is as raucous and bellowingly belligerent as Raelen is quiet and restrained. Vargrimm has had a lot of catching up to do in order to hold his own in the fistfights he sometimes instigates, but that's alright – his brother Popinjays always have his back. Vargrimm is also a member of the House of Highdrum.
Tharmuth Majarra
The Aloof Bard • 27 years
A bard from a family of bards, Tharmuth is witty and affable, but also tends to be cold and emotionally distant. Unlike any of the others, he doesn't ever get "messy drunk" when partying, but he always knows the best songs and latest trends from far beyond Waterdeep. He is the height of disaffected urbane aloofness, who tolerates light flirting good-naturedly, but becomes very cold and harsh when it goes too far. His fellow Popinjays think it's because he's already in love with someone, possibly even one of them. Or perhaps he's simply entirely uninterested in romantic notions. Direct questions about it only ever earn a roll of the eyes, and a decisive change of subject.
Roalon Husteem
The Belligerent Brooder • 26 years
Oh, Roalon. Square-jawed and intense eyed, Roalon is the belligerent one prone to starting (and finishing) fights. His fellows know he has a prickly, tough exterior because when he lets it down, he is quite emotionally vulnerable. Coming from a house of fighters as he does, he's learned to hide that part of himself from everyone, save his Popinjay brothers, who, in return, are very protective of him. They don't let many get the chance to break his heart, and any fellow who does is in for an ugly, painful vengeance from their combined talents and efforts.