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Who's Who in the Citadel

The tribe's Keeper of Dragons
Meepo lost his charge Calcryx, the tribe's dragon. He has lost the respect of his tribe as well as his "best" friend. With even the hint of help from the adventurers has perked the little guy up! He has decided to leave his tribe to find true friendship and his place in the world.
Kobold Leader
Female leader of the Kobolds. She is prideful and shows favors to those who are loyal. She had lead the kobolds for over a decade and maintained the status quo by being fierce but quick to negotiate with the goblins. She had a hate for the goblins but has always respected them. One of her biggest flaws is her favoritism toward male Kobolds. Most of her guards and those trying to impress her have become male over time as a result.
White Dragon Wyrmling
At night Meepo use to talk to the Wyrmling and share all his dreams, fears, and loneness. For Meepo, Calcryx is like family. For Calcryx the kobolds were her capturers. While the goblins are no better, they fear her and leave her alone.