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The City of Splendors
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A Dungeons & Dragons 5e Campaign in the Forgotten Realms

Year of the Bow (DR 1354)

The chaos and tumult of the summer months of last year has abated, and many of the Blackstaff's senior apprentices have turned to things other than learning in the tower. Focusing on faction and family, the heroes of Book One have scattered across the North, tending to their various duties and responsibilities in the face of their growing power and influence.

But when the Magister's invitation reaches each of them to attend the Magefaire of 1354, to be held at the Halls of the Hunting Axe, in the merry days of Greengrass, it is too good an invitation to ignore. A gathering of magicians from across Faerûn, come together in a neutral place free of conflict, under the peace of the Magister - who can resist?

And so they come, these apprentices, bringing with them apprentices of their own and others besides, to see new wonders and make new alliances. For the first time, the dwarvenfolk have come as a people to the Magefaire, and it promises to be a magical gathering to remember, indeed.

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