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Colin James "CJ" Couchman
Theater and Performance Major
A freshman, Colin is one of those kids who was born for the stage. He is always cracking jokes, and constantly leaves Neena and her friends in stitches. He also plays a half dozen instruments, usually has a kazoo or pennywhistle on him, and can improv nearly anything on a piano. He is the youngest person on her improv team and is the house manager for TVM.

Common Locations: University of Astoria (Redhawk Dormitory Hall; Alder Hall, Library), Kaffe
Danny Marin
Programming Major. Baseball.
Quiet but fiercely competitive, Danny stands out most places he goes without meaning to (indeed, it seems to discomfit him). He and Jerome Tate are best friends, roommates in Kayman Hall, and seem to complement one another well, though their friendship is clearly strained by the new distance between them. Though he's a natural athlete, the thing he truly loves is programming - unfortunately, his math and other academic skills aren't nearly the equal of his athletics skills, so he has to work pretty hard at it. His grief over Henry is still pretty raw; despite this, he has chosen to stay part of the wrestling team and rush the ATO this term.
Season One: Kept on the periphery of all the werewolf stuff that has been going on, Danny has clearly been hurt by the distance. He has largely retreated away from his old friendships, compounded by his grief over Henry's death.

Common Locations: University of Astoria (Kayman Dormitory Hall; Student Center, Innis Hall, Athletics Center), ATO House
Jerome Tate
Music Production
In the aftermath of the Bonfire Night, Jerome has come out the other side a stronger young man. He is clearly devoted to his girlfriend Renee and has begun to shed some of his bashfulness. Though his social media presence has fallen off, he is still an avid video gamer, and hopes to write music for them one day. He and Danny Marin are best friends, and dorm-mates in Kayman Hall.
Season One: Bitten by Volk at the Bonfire Night and subsequently kidnapped by his pack when he survived the Bite, Jerome found his way back to Astoria, refusing to attack Warner even when Feral. He has since been accepted into the Astoria pack.

Common Locations: University of Astoria (Kayman Dormitory Hall; Student Center, Adler Hall)
Kerry Donahue
The Artist
Kerry is a freshman attending the UofA on an art scholarship. Her specialty is wood sculpture, and she scours Astoria's beaches for driftwood and pier debris for materials. She is either a bit full of herself or socially awkward, opinions vary, as most conversations with her tend to be halting and one sided. She attends GSA meetings but hasn't spoken much so far, and the question of her orientation or whether she might not be fully out yet is a subject of gossip among its members. Her job at the Student Center's cafeteria allows her to bring refreshments for the GSA when there is unwanted food in the kitchen.

Common Locations: University of Astoria (Student Center, esp the Queer Resource Center, Art Center), her family home in Warrenton.
Madison Rosemary Doyle
Major Undecided
Maddy is sweet, unfailingly so. She always has compassion for both parties in an argument, and avoids conflict at all costs. Her boyfriend is kinda hard on her as she is a bit of a doormat, but she assures us that he just has some unresolved trauma that makes him make bad decisions sometimes. They are trying to convince her to leave the guy and set her up with CJ instead. She also loves Fluttershy from My Little Pony. She is performing in the university's production of The Vagina Monologues.

Common Locations: University of Astoria (Sanders Dormitory Hall; Alder Hall, Student Center), Kaffe
Renee McDonnall
Anthropology and English (double majored)
A timid, picked-on girl who was saved by Henry, Renee has been hit very hard by his death. She and Jerome are a couple, and she has adopted Henry's little grey kitten, R2. She has also begun to blossom as a student, thanks to Dr. Litchfield's personal attention.
Season One: Heavily traumatized by Jerome's attack by a wolf while the two were making out on Bonfire Night, Renee has learned about the existence of werewolves, and continued her association with them, even coming to be considered part of the pack.

Common Locations: University of Astoria (Reyes Dormitory Hall; Student Center, Library, Towler Hall, Richmond Science Center), Kaffe
Rook Jaspersen
Major Undecided; Trailjumpers
Rook is a distinctive sight around campus with his rockabilly style and pompadour hair style. He's clearly intelligent, though also in love with his own rebellion. He's also part of a small local parkour group, the Trailjumpers.

Common Locations: University of Astoria, Kaffe, his City Center apartment (shared with two other students)
Sophie Cooper
Art; Cross Country
Though only seventeen, Sophie is a bright young woman who is taking a handful of classes at UofAstoria as part of her senior year at Astoria High School. Her adoptive guardians are Casey and Esmer, a married pair of body modification artists who own the shop called Keepsake Tattoos in City Center; her relationship with them is more like that of friends than parents, given they aren't quite ten years older than she is. Sophie is a bright student and talented artist, with an avid interest in anthropology.

Common Locations: University of Astoria (Art Center, Library, Richmond Science Center), Keepsake Tattoos (including the apartment above it where she lives).


Carlie Banks
Anthropology Major, Journalism Minor (Sophomore); Waitress at the Wet Dog Cafe
A young woman who has clearly seen a lot of strange things, Carlie has something of a meek, sensitive demeanor. She's well-liked at the Wet Dog, however, and considers it something of a second home. She attends the University of Astoria, like her housemate Elizabeth. Though she was originally a journalism major when the school was Clatsop Community College, she has since switched her major to Anthropology.

Common Locations: Her house in City Center (shared with Elizabeth Chien and two others), University of Astoria (Richmond Science Center, Columbia Hall), Wet Dog Cafe
Kindra Eklund
Physics Major
Kindra Eklund a sophomore at U of A is, quite possibly, the most brilliant mind in the school. She has an amazing memory that she has trained such that many believe she has a photographic memory. She maintains a 4.0 GPA, but has done so only through the use of Caffeine. She doesn't actually have a photographic memory, just a very good one, nor can she take notes. In fact, she has to hire a note taker for her classes through the University. She is severely dyslexic, which she believes is connected to the fact she is ambidextrous. She is a pagan, and follows the Norse deities, though she refuses to use the word Asatru as she is not a part of the Asatru culture. She wears a pendant on which is inscribed the Web of Wyrd. She's not really into sports, unless you count Archery, and her membership in ARMA, but she is huge survival nut and enjoys learning old skills, such as hunting, tanning hides, horse back riding, etc.

Common Locations: University of Astoria (Richmond Science Center), her City Center apartment, Kaffe
Leah & Sarah Cohen-Klein
Anthropology Majors
Leah and Sarah are twin sisters...sort of. They have two different mothers but the same dad, and happened to be born on the same day about six hours apart. Leah is from her dad's first wife, and Sarah is from her dad's mistress and later, second wife. The Cohen sisters grew up together from the age of three and are nigh inseparable. They are fun, outgoing, and very Jewish. They are two of the three that are not part of Neena's improv group, but are performing in The Vagina Monologues. Neena met them in one of Elaine's classes last quarter and they became friends and signed on for the show.

Common Locations: University of Astoria (Richmond Science Center, Alder Hall), their City Center apartment (paid for by their father).
Marie Dumond
Engineering Major; Trailjumpers
A transplant from New Orleans, Marie is a fun-loving young woman, considered somewhat rambunctuous from those who aren't used to life in the Big Easy. She takes great delight in showing up the "dude-bros that infest the Engineering program" (in her words), routinely outscoring them. Marie is also half in love with the TA Rory Quinn, who runs the Trailjumpers. Though she joined for an excuse to hang around him, she's discovered a love for and skill with parkour that she never anticipated.

Common Locations: University of Astoria (Sanders Hall Dormitory)
Olivia Saenz
Conservation Major, Journalism Minor
Olivia Saenz is a conservation and journalism student who has already begun building a CV of published articles in smaller conservation and ecology magazines in the U.S. and Canada. She was present at the Bonfire Night, and is now obsessed with local wolf populations - and preventing harm from coming to them.

Common Locations: University of Astoria (Delphis Hall, Student Center, Library), her City Center apartment
Sandy Roberts
Sociology Major
Sandy grew up in Yakima WA and comes from good solid redneck stock. As a kid, she found a show called Will & Grace, that she found hilarious. She is convinced that gay men are universally smart and funny and wished she had some gay friends of her own. She was always sad that there weren't any in her town (or so she thought), and was thrilled when she was able to get in to Astoria University. While she may be horribly ignorant, she is incredibly open and fascinated by gay culture. She is sometimes sad that she is not gay herself. She has been heard telling her friends she would consider being gay, if she "didn't like cock so much". She is an enthusiastic supporter of the GSA and has been known to shake her ass to the music when she gets the chance.
Season One: While at Kaffe just before Midterms, Sandy broke down crying and tried to throw herself into traffic. Luckily, Thomas was there to stop her, and she seemed to be confused and disoriented, with no recollection of trying to do so.

Common Locations: University of Astoria (Garza Dormitory Hall; Kant Hall, Student Center, esp the UofA Queer Resource Center, Library), Crossroads
Tamika Scott
Education Major, English Minor
Tamika is a singer, she grew up singing in church with her mom and is the second person in her family to go to college. She is here at UofA because her uncle Carver Eversley is a lawyer here in town and is helping with her tuition. She wants to be a middle school English teacher and loves poetry. She is a newer addition to Neena's improv group, having only joined this quarter, but she can lay down an improvised rap like its no one's business. She is performing in TVM.

Common Locations: University of Astoria (Bendall Dormitory Hall; Kant Hall, Towler Hall), Kaffe
Zane Connley
Marketing Major (Sophomore); member of GSA
An intelligent young man who does occasional drag in Portland (and on the rare "drag night" at the Crossroads) as "Edie Couture", Zane's presentation have become less shy and more flamboyant the longer he's been away from his small Washington hometown.
Season One: Zane had some pretty damning things to say about the ATO frat, warning someone else at the GSA meeting that they were "homophobic assholes," some of whom had chased him and thrown things at him last year after he'd performed in drag at the Crossroads.

Common Locations: University of Astoria (Kayman Dormitory Hall; Student Center, esp the UofA Queer Resource Center, Towler Hall, Adler Hall), the Crossroads, Kaffe


Elizabeth Chien
Marine Biology (Junior); Waitress at the Wet Dog Cafe
Elizabeth waits tables part-time; she spends the most of the rest of her time studying marine biology at the University of Astoria. Though she definitely wants something better out of life for herself, she considers herself well-rounded, working, learning and even keeping in decent shape with a couple of kung-fu and tai chi classes at the Chinese Community Center.
Season One: In the Wet Dog Her eyes went black, she grabbed Elaines Hand and said "Bring us the Treasure, It is not for the Likes of you"

Common Locations: Her house in City Center (shared with Carlie Banks and two others), University of Astoria (MERTS, Richmond Science Center), Astoria Chinese Community Center, Wet Dog Cafe
Haywood Nixon
Business Major (Junior)
Haywood is a trendy sort, both in his hipster appearance and his love of the latest technological gadgets. His older brother is an investment broker who is eating up Wall Street, and Haywood is carrying out his legacy with a little group he calls "the Vault" - an investment "club" dedicated to helping his fellow students raise the capital and start investing immediately, providing them an easy entry into the business world.

Common Locations: University of Astoria (Columbia Hall), Crossroads
Kiera Jennings
Linguistics Major, Physics Minor (Junior)
Keira was a military kid, but didn't spend all her life moving around. For most of her childhood she grew up in Germany where her American Father was stationed.Her mom is Filipino American. Her parents got divorced when she was 18 and was on a backpacking trip through northern europe before going to Uni in London. She speaks English, German, French,Tagalog, and Japanese fluently and is constantly learning new languages, this month its Russian. Her mom moved back to Warrenton, where she grew up and Keira decided to go to UofA to be near her. She is studying linguistics, and minoring in physics. She is one of Neena's best friends and was the one to introduce her to Rory. She is in The Vagina Monologues and Neena's improv group.

Common Locations: University of Astoria (Sanders Dormitory Hall; Patriot Hall, Richmond Science Center), Kaffe
Linda Dennison
Biology Major (Junior)
Sweet natured and quite pretty, Linda is a biology major who is thinking about changing her major to sociology. She is active in the GSA and the Cross Country team.
Season One: Linda came onto Elaine pretty strongly, asking to be added to her class so she could be near her. Elaine shot her down, however.

Season Two: It is revealed the Linda is Were Owl, and was the one who caused the spirits to take over Fight Clubers with the intent to kill Monks on campus. Linda and Elaine start dating shortly before this is revealed. Common Locations: University of Astoria (Reyes Dormitory Hall; Richmond Science Center, Student Center, esp. the UofA Queer Resource Center), Kaffe
Melissa "Sissy" Thompson
English Major (Junior)
Something of a fixture at the various frat parties, bars and the Crossroads, Melissa tends to sort of blend into the background. She always seems to be having a good time, and certain has no problems socially - part of her "blending" sometimes involves sitting in the background making out with some guy or another.

Common Locations: University of Astoria (Towler Hall, Student Center), various fraternity parties, the Crossroads, her apartment just off campus
Perla Ramirez
President of the GSA; Sociology Major, Cross Country
An intelligent young woman concerned with issues of social justice and LGBTQ activism. She maintains a fairly well-read blog on the topics of queer social justice in universities and among young adults.
Season One: Perla has helped keep the GSA running, even when its sponsors have neglected it.

Common Locations: University of Astoria (Sanders Dormitory Hall; Kant Hall, Student Center, esp. the UofA Queer Resource Center, Library)
Rachel "Jordan" Calvetti
Anthropology Major
Jordan is a self identified dyke and damn proud of it. She is the head of the women's resource center at UofA and put on the Take Back The Night march for the last two years. She is a fierce social justice warrior and goes on angry rants about the patriarchy whenever she gets drunk or stoned. She is studying anthropology as it relates to women's studies and is best friends with the Cohen-Klein girls, whom she met in Elaine's course last quarter. She agreed to perform in TVM with her friends but is also not in Neena's improv group. She and Neena don't get along too well and have struggled for creative control of the show a couple times.

Common Locations: University of Astoria (Richmond Science Center), Kaffee, her house (shared with several other women in a "feminist commune" style of living).


Emily Carmine
Marine Biology
Emily is a gorgeous East Coast lesbian who's known to have made her way through the womanly offerings of UofA's queer community and is pretty much done with it. She's friends with all of her many conquests, however, and a leader in the community. Many of those conquests who've gotten to know her better have heard her talk about Italian families back home with some mystery, and she seems to know a lot about Astoria's seedier side, as she's able to curry favors to obtain things most students can't. She loves dolphins, and her room is filled with knick knacks of the noble beast.

Common Locations: Her apartment in City Center, University of Astoria (MERTS, Richmond Science Center)
Hudson Polver
Engineering; Wrestling, Rugby
Hudson is one of the strong foundations of the Bandits' wrestling team. Though he doesn't aspire to leadership in any way, he does tend to take the new kids under his wing, helping them figure out good work-out routines, and the like. He's a big, bulky guy, but very quiet-spoken, who doesn't tend to appear at big social engagements much.

Common Locations: University of Astoria (Athletics Center, Innis Hall)
Jacob Carter
Geology Major
Jacob came out of the Queer closet in a wash of glitter and rainbows 3 days after moving to Oregon from his native Wyoming. He put on a drag show at the end of last quarter and he dreams of moving to Portland and performing at Darcelle's. For all that, he's a surprisingly down to earth guy and is studying geology and hydrology at MERTZ. He is performing in The Vagina Monologues in drag. He is also a member of UofA's GSA.

Common Locations: University of Astoria (Delphis Hall, MERTS), Kaffe, small crappy apartment in WestLex-Almeda

Former Students

Gabe Gerhardt
Conservation Major
A shy kid that keeps to himself, Gabe is a natural in the outdoors, having spent much of his time out in the wilder areas of western Washington. He's only recently started attending GSA meetings, though he hasn't quite indicated what part of the Kinsey scale he occupies.
Gabe was among the students who disappeared after the Bonfire. He is also wanted by the police in connection to some stolen university equipment.

Common Locations: University of Astoria (MERTS campus, Student Center, , esp the UofA Queer Resource Center, Forestry Zone)
Harris Clayton
Mathematics Major
A math major, Harris is a notably bright student. He's got a reputation as someone who's a bit stuck-up; Harris tends to keep to himself a lot, focusing on his studies when he's not working out in the gym (though he doesn't play any formal sports) or doing free-running.
Harris was among the students who disappeared after the Bonfire.

Common Locations: University of Astoria (Redhawk Dormitory Hall; Innis Hall, Athletics Center, Library)

Deceased Students

Teresa Cantu
Major Undecided
Teresa has almost always been in trouble, it seems. Raised by a single mother who worked as a dispatcher with the Astoria PD, it seems like she was always getting into trouble. Because her mother was one of theirs, however, the local cops tried to avoid putting her through the system for her behavior, and several of them sort of took her under their wing, particularly Cliff Jelo, who became something of a father figure for the girl. As a result, Teresa ended up spending lots of time at the Jelo residence. She's now in university, but old habits die hard, and she's managed to fall in with some folks who tend towards a slightly more troublesome outlook on life, including one Thomas Craig. She is fascinated with Thomas's stories about his rowdy days in LA as a kid, and sometimes pushes for demonstrations over stories.
Ep 101: Teresa texted Thomas while he was investigating the UofA Athletic Center with Warner, insisting that he come to the Crossroads. When he arrived, she proceeded to swoon over Jace all night, despairing in his eventual interest in Aedia Randall and her sorority sisters.

Ep 105: After stealing the Dean's Car she dies in a car accident, almost taking Thomas and Jace with her.
Ep 106: Teresa sends texts to Thomas... from beyond the grave
Common Locations: University of Astoria (Bendall Dormitory, Room 207; Student Center, Library, Main Quad), Warner's Loft, the Crossroads

Viktor Harmon
Deceased, Undecided Major (Freshman); Cross Country, Boxing • Unvouched
Sort of a goofball and very fun at the end-of-term parties where he first me the ATO, Viktor is technically unvouched, as no one knew him outside of the fraternity before he rushed, but he's well-liked.
Killed by Fire People at the Fight Club at the Warehouse, His girlfriend Joelle was also killed here.
Common Locations: ATO Fraternity House, Morgue