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Race: Half-Orc, Class: Fighter (Battle Master) 5th level
Background: Acolyte of Lurue, Alignment: Neutral Good
Patron Deity: Lurue
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Ability Scores
Strength 20 (+5), Dexterity 11 (0), Constitution 16 (+3);
Intelligence 6 (-2), Wisdom 14 (+2), Charisma 12 (+1)
Bonus: +3
Saving Throws: Strength & Constitution
Skills: Athletics (str), Insight (wis), Intimidation (cha), Perception (wis), Religion (int)
Tools: Cook's utensils
Languages: Common, Dethek, Illuskan, Daraktan (orc)
Armor: All armor & shields.
Weapons: All simple & martial weapons.
Darkvision 60', Relentless Endurance, Savage Attacks, Fighting Style (Protection), Second Wind, Action Surge, Extra Attack, Battle Master (Superiority Dice: 4d8, Maneuvers: Goading Attack, Disarming Attack & Menacing Attack), Shelter of the Faithful (Acolyte Feature)
Shield Master, Magic Initiate (Cleric)
Attacks: {{{Attacks}}}
Armor Class: 20, Initiative: +0, Speed: 30
Hit Points: 57, Hit Dice: 5d10
Personality Traits: {{{Personality}}}

"We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open." - Jawaharlal Nehru


Ruadh is the son of Edana, a druid of Moonshae and Whogo, a mountain orc of northern Silver March. Edana had been captured and held prisoner by Whogo's war camp for many months until she had been found and rescued by her friend and ally Syanee Farwalker. The two very pregnant women fought their way through the orc camp and escaped, but not before Edana had the chance to smack Whogo around and pluck his glass eye out of his noggin to keep as a souvenir of their time together. The two women fled and found refuge at a druid grove not far from Silverymoon, where Syanee gave birth to her daughter and two days later Edana to her son. Edana named him Ruadh for his vivid red hair that he had inherited from her.

They remained at the grove for a few months, the two babes sharing a crib until the two women had plenty of time to rest, recuperate and make plans. Edana and Syanee left the grove with babies in tow and continued to travel together for two more years, getting in all sorts of trouble along the way.

Edana eventually grew weary of the road and longed for her homeland, where she could settle down to raise her son. She bid Syanee farewell and took her son with her back home to the Moonshae Isles. Ruadh spent the remainder of his childhood in the Fairheight Mountains of Alaron, practically in the backyard of the Rustfire dwarves.
Ruadh lived with his mother and helped her with a variety of chores, but he spent a great deal of his youth amongst their neighbors, playing with the Rustfire children, receiving lessons from the unicorn Siriliel that lived in a not too distant mountain valley and amongst the Ffolk in the villages to the south.

Ruadh was still very young when he was introduced and indoctrinated into the faith of Lurue by Siriliel, whom he called "Grandmother", having recognized his adventurous spirit and fanned the spiritual flames wonder in his heart. He would learned how to fight amongst the Rustfire dwarves and from his teacher, an ancient dwarven mercenary called Shield-Master Dwalnar, he learned the academic appreciation for the art of battle and the forms and maneuvers that dwarven battle masters have studied for generations.

When he was 12 years old, nearly an adult and already twice the size of most men, Ruadh decided that it was time for him to leave his childhood sanctuary behind, embrace the wanderlust in his heart and see the world. He bid farewell to his mother and friends and prepared himself for his great adventure.

Before Ruadh left, he received gifts from his friends and family, so that he would always have a part of them and a part of home wherever his travels took him. His mother gave him a golden torc to wear that had belonged to her father, which was far too small for his neck, so he wore it as a bracelet instead. Grandmother gave him a sprig of mistletoe cut by her horn. She told him that so long as he carried it with him, it would never wither and die and anytime he felt himself sick for home, he simply need hold it close and he would be touching the Moonshae Isles. Shield-Master Dwalnar gave him an old, battered Urdhall game set, an ancient dwarven strategy game that he was always praising as the ultimate educational tool for battle tactics. His mother presented him with two other gifts: the glass eye that she had plucked from his father's head, which she had bored and woven a cord through for him to wear as a pendant, and a small, faded green blanket, which she told him had been what she and Syanee had bundled their two children up in when they had been babies. Ruadh had dragged the blanket everywhere he went as a child, always asking where his little-big sister had gone to.

Ruadh left home with a heart heavy with love and boarded a ship bound for Athkatla.
He was not entirely prepared for the world beyond the Fairheight Mountains. His mother had tried to explain to him that may people in the world would be hateful and mistrusting towards him because of his orc heritage. Half-orcs tend to have a difficult time of it, but could generally find some level of acceptance amongst others, but Ruadh bore almost no resemblance to his human bloodline save for the color of his hair, his human nose and the tint of his eyes. Those things aside, he may as well have been a full blooded orc, and a terrifyingly giant one at that.

And that is exactly what people saw him as. His experiences in Athkatla left him wishing to have nothing more to do with Amn and he traveled north to Baldur's Gate, where he spent a year performing grunt mercenary work for a wealthy merchant. Though many had come to know him in his time there, he never felt particularly welcome. He eventually left, longing for more familiar company, so he traveled to Waterdeep and then to Silvermoon, intending to make his way to one of the dwarven strongholds for some good 'ol dwarven camaraderie as he had enjoyed with his Rustfire friends.

Sadly, his time in Silverymoon was a far more a rude awakening than anything thus far in his travels. Due to the constant violent struggles between the people of the Luruar region and the mountain orcs, Ruadh found little acceptance and a great deal of open hostility, especially from the dwarves who hated the orcs with a passionate ferocity. Ruadh's strong resemblance to his father's people did not make him any friends beyond the local clergy of Lurue and her allies. He did not stay for very long, said goodbye to those few who had shown him kinship and left.

He decided that he would like to spend more time in Waterdeep. He had barely spent any time there on his journey to Silverymoon and wanted to see more. The city had a reputation for being a nexus for adventure and if there was anywhere in the world that could provide him with the myriad of experiences that he craved, it would very likely be there that he found them.

Ruadh found lodging near the Mieliki shrine in Waterdeep and used this is a base of operations for his exploration of the city. He also found occasional work with a local fest hall, being called upon for his talents as a confectioner for a variety of events. He hadn't been in the city for very long before he received a very strange summons to meet with the Blackstaff at his home. The priestess of Mieliki informed him that Khelben had specifically requested a member of the Lurae priesthood, and he was the only one present in the city at that time.
Ruadh accepted the invitation, his curiosity winning over any sense of wariness. Upon arriving at the tower, he was greeted very briefly by Khelben, who then led him into a study where a very simple looking blond elven woman sat. Khelben bid them a good evening and left the two of them staring across a table at each other. Her name was Demisante, one of his newest apprentices, and apparently a criminal that was forbidden to leave the tower grounds. She fancied herself a follower of Lurae, though she actually had little knowledge of the goddess beyond hearsay and a fistful of notes one of the other apprentices had copied out of a book for her. She did wear one of the tokens from the grove in Silverymoon, and while anyone who sought one out could purchase it, they have a tendency to only make their way to those who should be wearing them. The elf girl was mortified that he was a priest of Lurue, believing that only pretty people would worship her. After some convincing, she accepted it as a sign that Lurue was truly loving and accepting, that she could even see the true beauty inside a monster like Ruadh. More amused than insulted, he decided to take Khelben up on his offer to educate her in the ways of Lurue.

One day while he was at the tower, delighting Demisante by showing her how to make unicorn shaped cookies with frosting that glitters like diamonds in the light, Ruadh had an opportunity to discuss his mother's relationship with Syanee, one of Khelben's old apprentices. Khelben seemed to be genuinely caught off guard by the connection and stated that his ward Glim, who was currently away on an adventure with some of his apprentices, was Syanee's daughter. Ruadh could barely breathe. He asked more questions and the more answers he received the more he realized that this Glim, this tiny halfling girl that Khelben was describing, was his little-big sister. Lurae had led him to her, had led him to Waterdeep, guided Demisante to him and brought him to the tower, the tower where his sister lived.

Since then, Ruadh has visited the tower every day, sometimes multiple times a day, to find out if his sister has returned. And when he's not at the tower, he tends to be at the Yawning Portal, eagerly rushing to the pit every time the bell rings, hoping each time that when the platform was raised up, a tiny little halfling with the face of an angel that he had never forgotten from his childhood would appear. And ever day, his worry and fear would grow.


Ruadh is massive, standing at 7' 4" tall and weighing about 500 pounds with a great deal of that being comprised of muscle on a frame more befitting a dwarf. His mother has always hinted at some firbolg ancestry on her side as the explanation for his massive size. He is a half-orc, though it is apparent that he inherited most of his looks, including his pointed ears and massive lower jaw with jutting tusk-like lower canines, from his orc father. He is more often mistaken as a full blooded orc than a halfbreed, though his human features are immediately distinguished amongst orcs. His ginger red hair, which he wears as a long, braided mohawk and trimmed beard, his human shaped nose and his violet eyes are the only signs indicating his non-orc parentage.

Ruadh dresses accordingly to the region and season that he finds himself in and is quick to seek out a tailor capable of creating a wardrobe for his size. He has developed a weakness for well made shoes and has filled up the closet at his small room near the shrine and since then has started squirreling new pairs into the tower, using Glim's room as extra storage space - she's his little-big sister, surely she wont mind.

When he is adventuring, he sacrifices fashion for function and dons plate armor that he covers with a leather tabard, harness, massive wood and bone shoulder-guards that he decorates with dwarven iron war charms and a brown bear pelt cape.


Age 15 in 1353; Born 4 Flamerule, 1338 DR (Year of the Wanderer)
Born under the Sign of the Chalice and with Full Selûne under the sign of the Wheel Those born under the sign of the Chalice are mercurial, innovative, creative and confident. Easily bored, they crave mental stimulation and challenge. They are eloquent and gifted performers, exuding natural charm.

Those born with Selûne under the Sign of the Golden Wheel are determined, self-motivated, enthusiastic and responsible. Natural leaders, they remain calm in a crisis and are not easily swayed by opposition. Although serious minded, they are cheerful and optimistic and do not give up easily.


  • Cantrips: 2
  • Maximum # of Prepared Spells: 1
  • Spells per Day: 1
  • Magic Ability: Wisdom
  • Saving Throw DC Total: 13
    • (Base DC (8+mod): 10 + Spellcasting Bonus: 3)


Moneys: 200gp

Carried Equipment: flail, war pick, battleaxe+1, plate armor, shield, holy symbol of Lurue, backpack, Lurue prayer book, bundle of incense, fling & steel, box of chalk (10pc), crowbar, hammer, iron spike (10), cook's utensils, mess kit, waterskin, pouch of spices/seasonings, 50' silk rope, whetstone, gold torc "bracelet", Dad's glass eye pendant, Urdhall dwarven strategy game, sprig of undying mistletoe, faded green baby blanket, rations (10)

Stored Equipment:

Lifestyle: Freeloader, 0/month.

  • Details.

Spells Known


  • Guidance (Divination)
  • Sacred Flame (Evocation)

Level One Spells

  • Sanctuary (Abjuration)

Friends & Family

  • Edana, Druid of Moonshae: Ruadh's mother and a well known and loved druid of the Moonshae Isles.
  • Siriliel: (aka "Grandmother") a unicorn dedicated to Lurue, Selene and Mieliki that protects a mountain valley in the Fairheight Mountains of Alaron on the Moonshae Isles
  • Shield-Master Dwalnar: a cranky old Rustfire dwarf and retired mercenary living in the Fairheight Mountains of Alaron on the Moonshae Isles

Projects, Goals and/or Downtime

Experience Points