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Dr. Elaine Litchfield
Intelligence 4, Wits 3, Resolve 2;
Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2;
Presence 2, Manipulation 2, Composure 3
Mental: Academics 3 (Anthropology, Research), Investigation 3, Medicine 1, Occult 2(Cultural Beliefs), Politics 1, Science 3(Biology)

Physical: Athletics 2(Sprinting, Archery), Brawl 1, Drive 1, Survival 1, Stealth 1
Social: Empathy 1, Expression 2, Persuasion 1, Socialize 1

Mental: Professional Training 4 (Professor), Trained Observer 1, Language(Old Norse, Latin) 1, Good Time Management, Library 1

Physical: None
Social: Resources 1
Fighting: None
Supernatural: Pack 1, Shadow Sight 2, Rites 3, Pack Territory (Defensability) 1, Through the Ravens Eye 4, First Tongue 2

Health: 7, Willpower: 5, Size: 5, Speed: 11, Defense: 5 (Armor: None), Initiative: 6
Rating: 0

• Endangering someone who is not already part of the Supernatural
• Failing the Astoria Pack.
• Being forcibly confined.

Wereraven Traits
Harmony: 2, Primal Urge: 3, Essence: 7 max (max)
Enhancements: Primal: Visual Acuity, TBD Harmony: Hooding the Rookery
Pack Tactics: None
Gifts: Insight (Read the Worlds Loom) (One Step Ahead) (Echo Dream) Death
Rites: Banish (•), Harness The Cycle (•), X (••), X (•••)
Wereraven Abilities
Essence: 1E to increase Finesse stat by +1 for one scene
Regeneration: Spend 1 Essence to heal 1L or 2B wounds
Senses: +Primal Urge to perception; low light, hearing sensitivity (factor of 10), scent, tracking
Death Crow
Sustenance: You regain a point of Essence when someone dies near you, or when you spend a scene in conversation or simply quiet reflection with someone who is at death's door. You may also gain this point in the company of those who are grieving the dead within three days of that person's death, as the death still lingers on them.
Hoards: Archaeological grave goods, human remains, graverobbed jewelry, rubbings of rare tombstones.
Triggers: Unknown
Rage: xxx
Wereraven Mechanics
Basics: TemplateRegenerationCrow SensesCorvid MemorySpeaker in BlackA Murder's PlansFinesse AugmentationWolf Bond
Shapeshifter Traits: Primal UrgeHarmonyEssenceRageGifts • Rites
Manifestations: Visceral ManifestationEphemeral Manifestation
Wereraven Merits: MentalPhysicalSocialFightingSupernatural
The Rookery: ArchetypeRook-CrazeRookery Triggers • Hoards
Banes: GoldCrowpoisonPuzzlesElectricityHeart StrikeSimple Banes
Current Conditions
Day Job (Persistent)
You are employed in some capacity in a job that makes demands on your time.
Possible Sources: Being employed
Resolution: Losing or quitting job
Beats: Work interferes with other important goals.
Studious (Downtime)
You put your all into your studies, staying up late, skipping hobbies and social engagements to get a few extra hours in each week; Dedicated Beats apply to Mental Traits. For each week of downtime (to a maximum number equal to your Willpower), you may take one use of a Studious Benefit. For each such instance taken, one future beat becomes a Dedicated Beat when it is awarded.
Critical Thinker (Benefit): Gain one use of the Rote Action quality to a Mental Skill roll.
Organized Process (Benefit): Upgrade a failure to a success on any extended Mental Skill roll.
Well-Studied (Benefit): Gain the benefits of the Area of Expertise Merit on a single Mental Skill roll that uses a Specialty.
Possible Sources: Spend one month in focused study.
Resolution: Go one week without focused study. You lose any unused Studious Benefits when you resolve this Condition, but Dedicated Beats must still be spent on Mental Traits.
Beats: n/a
Deep remorse; -2 to Resolve/Composure rolls to resist Subterfuge, Empathy, Intimidation.
Possible Sources: Encountering a breaking point.
Resolution: The character confesses his crimes and makes restitution for whatever he did.
Packbound (Persistent)
You are bonded to another member of your pack (who may or may not be a werewolf). You feel close to them, and gain a number of benefits due to your werewolf nature from interaction with them. Social Maneuvers from your bondmate require one less Door per dot you have in the Pack Merit. Additionally, though, all shapeshifting actions require one less success in general; if you have packmates present when you are shapeshifting, the number of successes required is reduced by the number of those bondmates plus one. This can be reduced to 0, allowing your shapeshifting to be a diceless, automatic action unless you are fighting the Feral Shift.
Possible Sources: The Pack Merit.
Resolution: The death or pack-departure of your packmate.
Beats: Do something in support or protection of your bondmate that puts you in significant danger or risk of some kind.
You and your Rookery have merged into a single spiritual entity. It no longer fights to be free from you, and you no longer gain Rage. You are still susceptible to Rookery Triggers, however instead of gaining Rage, it simply provokes a furious response, causing you to immediately shift into Visceral Manifestation unless you spend a Willpower to resist it. If you instead give in and respond with violence and terror to mitigate or avenge the Trigger, you instead gain a Willpower.

You are deeply disturbing to those without primal spirits themselves, losing four dice from all Social dice pools. Social Merits become difficult to maintain, fading at a rate of one dot per chapter, starting with those Merits that rely on connections to other people. You regain these Experiences, however.

Finally, you are more highly aligned with the spirit world, however, allowing you to add your Harmony to your Primal Urge rating to determine whether you can go spirit walking. Additionally, add a +1 bonus to activation of all Rites and Gifts.
Possible Sources: Integrity 0.
Resolution: Regaining a point of Integrity.
Beats: Gain a beat every time this Condition's Social penalties cause a roll to fail, or anytime your unwilling shift into Visceral Manifestation causes problems.

You're creeped out and fascinated by a brush with the supernatural
Possible Sources: Exposure to something uncanny.
Resolution: This Condition is resolved when your character’s fear and fascination causes her to do something that hinders the group or complicates things (she goes off alone to investigate a strange noise, stays up all night researching, runs away instead of holding her ground, etc.).

Dr. Litchfield's Journal


Born: Month day, 1979 in Manchester, New Hampshire. Her father is a corporate lawyer and her mother is a University Professor.

Education and Career

  • Dual B.S. Anthropology and Biology From Yale 1997-2001
  • Masters in Anthroplogy 2001 - 2003
  • Doctorate in Bioarcheology from Oxford 2003 - 2006
  • Associate Professor of Anthropology
  • Professor of Anthropology at University of Astoria 2011 to now

The Irish Dig

While Elaine was finishing her Doctoral Thesis at Oxford, a hiker at the Conigar Bog Natural Heritage Area in Ireland saw a hand sticking up out of one the Peat bogs. Dr. Henry Braddock, Elaine and several other graduate students traveled to Ireland to extract the bodies in order to identify the remains. While there Elaine could not shake the feeling that they were all being watched. During the recovery of the bodies she noticed what appeared to be the remains of some sort of rope that looked to have been used to bind them, either at the time of death or shortly before. The dig to recover the bodies was also plagued by numerous accidents and other incidents.

When they returned to Oxford with the cadavers, Elaine was one of the principal researchers investigating them. She found several anomalies on them, indicating that they were human like but not quite human. I am leaving this intentionally vague so that there is flexibility on what they actually were. When she shared her findings with Dr. Braddock, he insisted that there must have been a mistake in her tests or methodology. Elaine remembers returning to the laboratory to redo her tests yet again. The next thing she remembers was waking up in one of the rooms of Littlemore Mental Health Centre. She was informed that after her discussion of with Dr. Braddock she began behaving strangely. Over the next two days her behavior became increasingly erratic, and culminated in her attacking one of her colleagues.

She spent the next several weeks under observation as she tried to convince her doctors of her own sanity. She even agreed with her doctors that her mental issues must have started before she ran the tests, and that obviously and strange findings were the results of her own delusions. Once she was out she put her name on the paper that Dr. Braddock published, showing that the people in the bog were likely prisoners killed around the 13th century. This paper did not have any mention of any of the anomalies she had found.

Elaine does not have any solid memories of her missing time, but she does have occasional nightmares.

Game starts in fall 2012


  • Dr. Litchfield is sleeping with her TA.
  • She moved to Asotria because she was caught screwing a student.
  • Dr. Litchfield has spent time in a mental hospital in England.


  • Virtue: Explorer, Regain willpower when you make a discovery at risk to yourself.
  • Vice: Obsessive, Regain willpower when you focus on main interests to the exclusion of something else.
  • Aspirations:
    • Free Talapus(Elaine)
    • Meet Another Morrigan (Jeff)
    • Acceptance into Lodge (Elaine)
  • Integrity: 0 (Fledged)

Breaking Points

  • Endangering someone who is not already part of the Supernatural Elaine is deeply scared that someone will get hurt because they are too close to her. She can reconcile the risk if someone is already part of the supernatural, as they are already intrinsically in danger.
  • Failing the Astoria Pack
  • What is the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to the character? Being Forcibly Confined.
    Elaine spent 3 weeks at Littlemore Mental hospital after the Irish Dig Incident.

Former Breaking Points

  • What is the worst thing your character has ever done? Sacrificing her integrity for advancement or advantage
    Elaine Falsified Scientific Research in order to avoid damaging her Career.
  • What is the worst thing your character can imagine someone else doing? Witnessing deliberate violence with an intent to harm.
    The worst thing my character can imagine and understand is Intentionally causing physical harm to someone. She was a Rugby player. she knows how good violence can feel. Failed
  • What has the character forgotten? The sensation of being watched.
    My character cannot remember the two days before she was sent to Littlemore. Failed
  • What is the worst thing your character can imagine herself doing? Taking sexual advantage of someone Elaine has authority over.
    Elaine can picture herself having an affair with one of her students or TA's and she knows that it is unacceptable behavior. She has been tempted more then once. This was transformed into Endangering someone who is not already part of the Supernatural
  • Experiencing a gap in her Memory. Waking up in the middle of the woods without knowing how she got there has thoroughly traumatized Elaine.

Condition Details

  • Guilty: Over Desmonds death fighting Donaldo.

Merit Details

Professional Training 4: Asset skills are Academics, Science, Investigation.

  • 1: 2 Dots of Contacts (Academics, Native American Tribes)
  • 2: When making a roll with her Asset Skills, she benefits from the 9-again quality.
  • 3: Third Asset skill, +2 specialties
  • 4: +1 Investigation, 1 Beat back when an asset skill is raised.

Resources 1:
Trained Observer 1: Any time you make a Perception roll (usually Wits + Composure), you benefit from the 9-again quality.
Pack 1: Packbound to Stella, Warner, Thomas, Vanya, Desmond, Neena, Jace, Renee and Miles.
Good Time Management: X
Library 2: X
Shadow Sight: Effect: You are able to see into Shadow at a locus (or Twilight elsewhere) in human form. This happens automatically upon arriving at a locus. You may shift your vision and focus exclusively on one or the other realm with a Wits + Occult roll, at a penalty equal to that inflicted by the local Gauntlet. Drawback: As usual, focusing between the world of men and Shadow is disorienting, inflicting a -2 penalty to all Perception rolls, as well as any Wits-based rolls. You may spend 1 Essence to ignore this penalty for one scene.
Refinement Vision Acuity: All Vision based perception checks have the rote quality.
Rites 1: I can find spirits to teach me rites.

  • 1 - Banish:
  • 1- Harness the Cycle:
  • 2 - Call Natural Hursihim:
  • 3 - Shadow Call

Through the Ravens Eye 4: When using your ephemeral manifestation, you may choose your normal manifestation, or you may use this one: your raven-smoke quickly passes through the surrounding terrain until it finds a single corvid of some kind. It then enters the body of the bird, possessing it by spending 1 Essence. Your consciousness shifts to the corvid's body, leaving your own unconscious and defenseless. While in the body of this bird, you are in complete control of it, and it may travel a number of miles away from your body equal to your Primal Urge in tens of miles. Attempting to travel beyond this distance weakens your Rookery, who abandon the bird's form and return to you immediately. You may retain this control until the sun crosses the horizon again - when this happens, you need not give up control of the body, but you must spend another Essence to retain that control.
At four dots, you may control an entire murder of corvids. You may spread them throughout the area covered in your range, shifting "perspective" from one to the next by taking a Reflexive action to do so. You may also direct your murder to attack or otherwise hinder someone, with a Wits + Primal Urge roll - each success either inflicts a point of penalty to a given dice roll the target is attempting, or it inflicts one point of bashing damage (minus Armor, but Defense doesn't apply). If an attacker manages to kill or injure at least 25% of the murder's population, your Rookery flees back to your body.
First Tongue 2:
Bestial Defense: When calculating Defense, use the higher of your Dexterity or Wits, rather than the lower of the two. By spending 1 Essence, your Defense is calculated as Dexterity + Wits + Athletics for 1 turn. Drawback: As this invokes the Rookery, anytime you use this Merit's benefits add 1 Rage.

Rites Known

  • Exorcism by Smoke: Banish (•). Dice Pool: Presence + Occult. A Cunning Witchcraft rite in which the ritemaster burns a potent mixture of asafoetida, nettles, and blackthorn cuttings in a lead dish, walking around the space widdershins in which the spirit is known to dwell.
  • Blood for the Cake: Harness the Cycle (•). Dice Pool: Wits + Occult. A celebration of solstice and equinox, marked with a few drops of the ritemaster's blood in wine which is then splashed on a simple cake appropriate to the season. Those who eat of the cake then gain the benefits of the rite. This must be performed at a liminal space of some kind: a crossroads, a graveyard, the border between forest and field, the shore, etc.
  • The Spirit Winds: Call Natural Hursihim (••). Dice Pool: Manipulation + Expression (+2 for Nature spirits). A form of this rite that is quite old, in which the ritemaster plays a woodwind pipe. Each different Nation requires a different kind of wood (which the ritemaster need not make himself). Interestingly, several other Rites fall into this version - once the ritemaster learns those rites, she also learns how to perform them with the Spirit Winds.
  • Pack's Howl Sacred Hunt (••). Dice Pool: Stamina + Expression ().
  • The Circle of Flame: Shadowcall (•••). Dice Pool: Presence + Expression. The ritemaster constructs a circular bonfire, usually by digging a circular pit and lighting a fire in a bed all the way around the circled area. Before the fire is lit, chiminage of some kind is left as an offering in the center of the circle. What follows is a minutes-long chant in an old tongue, until the fire flares upward and the spirit appears (if able) in the center of the circle of fire.


  • Possessions: Small Notebook, Pocket Tape Recorder, Phone(flip)
    • Messenger Bag: Inhaler(Belladonna), Epi-Pen(Belladonna), Epi-Pen(Wolfsbane), Heat Pack (+1 Dice to feral Check)
    • House: Yoga mat and Meditative Tape (+2)
    • Office: Camera(Film), Gym Bag
  • Kevlar Vest: Armor 1/3
  • Weapons:
    • Silver Brass Knuckles (Dmg 0, Init 0, Str 1, Size 1)
    • Compound Bow(Dmg 2, Init -3, Str 3, Size 3, Range 40/80/160) 12/12 Silver Arrows, 12/12 Normal Arrows, kept in car.
  • Other Notes: X
  • Wolfsbane Paste Poison (8 doses)

Friends and Family


  • Alexander Litchfield Elaine's Father, a Lawyer in New Hampshire. He runs a small but very successful Family Law practice.
  • Dr. Samantha Litchfield-Wolcott Elaine's Mother, A professor of Political Science at the University of New Hampshire (Manchester). Samantha, is very much the model of the modern New England democrat and activist.


  • Avery Wendley - UofA Student Advisor. Elaine's friend and occasional lover. He wants something much more serious then what they have. They go out once every couple of weeks or so, if Elaine has the time.


  • Dr. Henry Braddock - Professor of Bioarcheology at Oxford. He was Elaines Thesis Mentor, and was there with her at the Irish Incident.


  • Renee McDonnall - Anthropology and English Major. Very bright but she doesn't apply herself in class the way she could. Elaine is deeply worried about Renee with the passing of Henry, and concerned that her involvement in the pack could get her killed.
  • Linda Denison - Former Student of Elaine's. See Romantic Interests.


  • Desmond - Desmond disappoints Elaine. She sees some potential for him to step up and take charge of the pack but he has failed to do so. She rather likes him as a person, but feels that he isn't someone who is willing to step up as a leader. Goddamn it Desmond, why did you have to get yourself killed.
  • Vanya - See Romantic Interests below
  • Victor -
  • Resse - Elaine dosen't fully trust Reese.
  • Jerome -

PC Connections

  • Stella - Friend. Packmate. Former Pot Source. Waaaaay to straight laced. Elaine is worried that Stella might be losing it.
  • Warner - Packmate. Warner is a good kid. He took Henry's death too hard, but he seems to be dealing as best he can. As much as he might argue about not really being a boy scout anymore, he rather is.
  • Jace - Packmate. Jace is a complete Ass, but Elaine rather likes that about him. To be honest he is the only newer werewolf who seems to have a realistic view on things. Also, she is rather fond of his website. He has killed Alice, and become the pack Alpha, a move that Elaine strongly supports.
  • Neena - Elaine's TA. And a relative to the former Pack leader. Elaine still hasn't fully forgiven Neena for spying on her.
  • Abe - Jace's little brother. Abe seems to be a good kid if needlessly afraid of Elaine. But she would never do anything to hurt him, she just wants to help him learn how to control his obvious abilities. For his own good.

Romantic Interests

Avery Wendley
The Former Friend with Benefits
UofA Student Advisor. Avery used to be Elaine's Friend and occasional lover. Elaine dumped him after realizing that being near her could very well get him hurt or killed. She still cares for him but avoids him like the plague.
Vanya Simonson
The Werewolf Cross-Country Coach
Elaine higly approves of Vanya grade werewolf cuddle piles. While deeply attracted to Vanya, Elaine dosen't want to disrupt the Pack dynamic or cause issues between her and Linda.
Stephanie Condon
Bartender @ The Crossroads
Elaine is attracted to Stephanie, but has no intention of hitting on her as that might put her at risk.
Linda Denison
Student, Were Owl
A Were Owl and Elaine's girl friend. Elaine likes Linda quite a bit, but she is still somewhat cheeped out by the fact that she is a student. She would


By Name

  • Swallalahoost: Nation Unknown • Rank Unknown. A thunderbird allied with Talapus that dwells in the vicinity of Saddle Mountain's potent locus.

By Type


  • Chain Reaper (Kar Kar Sum): Tools (Saws) • Hursah (Rank 2). A tool-spirit of lumber chainsaws. The one Elaine encountered was driven mad by its habitation of a forest that was once extensively logged, but is no longer such.


  • Consuming Fire (Hanzerih): Fire (Flames) • Hursah (Rank 2). The spirit of flame that consumes physical things, a spirit hungry for violence and quick destruction.


  • Fallen Brethren (Ses'hissu): Animals (Wolf) • Hursah (Rank 2), Ensih (Rank 3), or Ensah (Rank 4). The spirit of werewolves whose Feral Wolf fled the captivity of their body upon death. Benefits: Influence (Werewolves 2 - 4)
  • Wolf-Brother (Ura'khal): Animals (Wolf) • Hursah (Rank 2). The spirit of wolves in their proudest and strongest manifestation in nature. Noble hunters and defenders of their territory. Benefits: Influence (Wolves 2) • Can teach Rite of the Sacred Hunt


Elaine's Home, Floorplans

A description of your characters day to day life.

  • Downtime Condition: Studious. Elaine spends most of her time buried in books, while shee spends most of her time Combing through the Randall library, she still makes time to keep up with the most relevant articles in current academic Journals.
  • Money: Elaine has little spare money. Most of her salary is going into her house, and the rest of it tends to be put into books and clothing.
  • Clothing & Jewelry: Elaine typically wears slacks and a silk blouse with a few pieces of antique silver jewelry. Some of her jewelry was inherited from her grandmother. She keeps a gym bag in her office with a running outfit and shoes.
  • Communication: Elaine has a cheap older flip phone. She will communicates via phone or email, but much prefers to talk to people in person. She corresponds with several friends across the country via email. She also carries around an old iPod which she uses to play music while she runs.
  • Food: She has a love of spicy food, and eats take out Thai food on a regular basis.
  • Housing: Elaine lives in a small Victorian House located at X and X. She has only recently moved in to the house, and it is still filled with numerous boxes. Bookshelves line most bare patch's of wall,
  • Days: Elaine starts her day with a morning run. While at work she splits her time between the classroom, her office, and her small lab in the Richmond Science Centre. She typically eats lunch in her office or at a table near the quad. She tends to stay at the campus in her lab or her office until fairly late in the evening, working to the sound of Metal and Punk music.
    • Elaine is the Faculty adviser for the Gay Straight Alliance.
  • Evenings: Elaine spends most evenings at home, reading a wide variety of nonfiction books and papers, mostly focused on her fields of study. She watches next to no TV, and what little she watches is either British or a documentary.
  • Weekends:
  • Current Classes: Winder 2013 Class Source
    • Anthropology 241, Anthropology of Religion - Large Lecture Class. Cross-cultural survey of beliefs and practices dealing with the supernatural, magic and religion. Conceptualization of the supernatural. Sacred specialists, their function and social position. Theories of comparative religion in light of anthropological data.
    • Anthropology 350, Introduction to Biological Anthropology - Small Laboratory Class, Introduces the subfield of anthropology that focuses on the natural history of humankind. Through lecture and laboratory, the course surveys a range of materials that focus on the diversity of the Order Primates with emphasis on human and primate variation, adaptation and evolution.
    • Anthropology 4xx, Seminar - This class is offered for the Anthropology Majors who are helping in the dig.
  • Former Classes: Fall 2012
    • Anthropology 200, General Anthropology - Large Lecture Class. Introduction to the four subfields of anthropology (sociocultural, biological, linguistic and archaeology) through analyses of the cultural, social and biological dimensions of human variation. Appropriate first course for students considering major or minor in anthropology as well as nonmajors fulfilling general education requirement.
    • Anthropology 230, Human Sexuality and Culture Large Lecture Class. This course examines aspects of sexuality from a cross-cultural viewpoint and traces the development of an individual's sexuality and sexual identity. Sexual anatomy and functioning, gender roles and the interplay of behavior and sexual ethics are discussed.
    • Anthropology 352, Skeleton Keys: Forensic Identification - Small Laboratory class. Survey of forensic anthropology, an applied field of biological anthropology, focusing the wider scope of skeletal biology on problems of medicolegal significance, primarily in determining personal identity and cause of death from human remains.


Character Experiences
Current Beats: 3 Studious: 0 Primal: 0
Unspent Experiences: 0 XP 0 Primal
Spent Experiences: 30 + 1 Studious + 1 Primal
Experiences Earned
• June 25th: 1 beat

• July 9th: 3 beats
• July 23rd: 5 beats
• August 6th: 7 beats
• August 20th: 3 beats
• September 3rd: 6 beats
• September 17th: 5 beats
• October 1st: 3 beats
• November 12th: 3 beats
• November 26th: 5 beats
• December 10th: 3 beats
• January 7th: 2 beats
• January 21st: 2 beats, 4 Studious Beats
• February 4th: 2 beats
• February 18th: 1 beats
• March 4th, Establishing Scenes: 1 Experience
• March 4th: 4 Beats
• March 18th: 1 Experience, 1 Beat
• April 15th: 4 Beats
• May 13th: 1 Beats
• May 27th: 2 Beats
• June 10th: 1 Beats
• June 24th: 2 Beats
• July 6th: 2 Beats, 1 Studious
• July 14th: 1 Experience, 2 Primal
• July 27th: 2 Beats
• August 24th: 2 Beats
• September 7th: 3 Beats
• September 14th: 2 Beats, 1 studious
• September 28th: 3 Beats
• October 3rd: 3 Beats, 1 Studious
• November 9th: 4 Beats
• December 7th: 1 Beat
• January 18th: 3 Beats
• February 1st: 1 Experience 4 Beats
• February 8th: 4 Beats 2 Primal beats
• February 22nd: 5 Beats 2 Primal beats
• March 7th: 2 Beats
• March 21st: 4 Beats, 2 Primal beats
• April 4th: 1 Beat
• April 18th: 2 Beats
• May 2nd: 2 Beats
• May 16th: 2 Beats
• May 30th: 10 Beats, 2 Primal
• June 27th: 3 Beats
• July 11th: 6 Beats, 2 Primal

Composure 3, Language(Old Norse and Latin) 1, Pack 1, Good Time Management 1, Professional Training 4, Archery Specialization, Occult 2, Primal Urge 2, Shadow Sight 2, Rites 1, Through the Ravens Eye 2, Library -1, Pack Territory 1, Stealth 1, Presence -1(gift Purchase), Insight Gift(Read the World's Loom), Through the Ravens Eye 4, Harmony 2 (Hooding the Rookery), Rite(Harness the Cycle), Integrity -1, Insight Gift(One Step Ahead), Rites 2(Call Natural Hursihim), Rites 3(Shadow Call), Erode Striking Looks -1, First Tongue 1, Resources -1, First Tongue 2, Rite(Sacred Hunt), Status -2, Gift(Echo Dream), Library 1, Bestial Defense 2, Primal Urge 3, Library 2