Stormlands Ladies of Betrothal Age

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Marchwater Vale Houses

  • Minisa Graben: House Graben. The oldest daughter of House Graben, and the oldest of Waltyr and Isalaine's children.Somewhat jealous of her sister's Valyrian beauty, Minisa takes after her father more, with dark, curly hair and eyes of a deep hazel-gold. Minisa is a Lady's Maid at the court of Storm's End. (17 years)
  • Alysa Graben: House Graben. The youngest daughter of the House, Alysa is precocious and clearly very intelligent. Alysa takes after her mother with her stunning Valyrian features. Alysa loves the household's cats, especially the black cats. Everyone in the castle knows that Alysa lays claim to every one of the black cats in Marrowmont. (14 years)
  • Naerys Lohaq: House Lohaq. A pale Valyrian beauty of sixteen years, Naerys would like nothing better than to serve as lady's maid for some highborn noble, but neither House Swann nor Baratheon have women in their households that are in need of such. Naerys takes great delight in the way her beauty turns heads, but hopes to avoid marriage for a while yet. (16 years)
  • Orya Kraedmyr: House Kraedmyr. Those who know the Kraedmyrs well know that if Orisa had her way, it would be Orya who inherited Gryphmont. Well-educated by her mother, and willing to put that cleverness to work for her, Orya is already a beauty like her grandmother. Indeed, the locals often sing of the "Maid of Gryphmont" wistfully, having learned the song from a minstrel who stayed for a fortnight at the Gryphmont. (15 years)
  • Ashei Kraedmyr: House Kraedmyr. A maid of calm demeanor and sweet disposition, Ashei is something of a daredevil. Though she knows she's being "reserved" for marriage to someone who might make the House a good alliance, she has doubts this will ever occur. In the meantime, she often spends time away from Gryphmont exploring the mountains around her homeland, often accompanied by her cousin Sumner. (22 years)
  • Helicent Kraedmyr: House Kraedmyr. The wife of the late Ser Arron and a mother of three, Helicent is a thin woman of a nervous disposition. Her husband, Arron, died five years ago when his horse stumbled in a storm and he fell off a cliff to his death. Though she loves her children, she dislikes Gryphmont greatly. Given her druthers, she would return to her family, House Ashford of the Reach, but Lady Orisa has made it very clear that while she may go where she likes, her children are Kraedmyrs and belong at Gryphmont. Helicent's one true friend is Arron's older sister, Janyce Qorgyle, whom she visits frequently. (27 years)
  • Pramia Velt: House Velt. The oldest daughter of the lord, Pramia is a stunning beauty. Her features are richly Valyrian, with pale silvery hair and eyes of a distinct and somewhat haunting amethyst hue. She is deeply intelligent and charming, as much her mother's child as she is her grandmother's protege. (17 years)
  • Tarah Wachstrom: House Wachstrom. The younger sister of Alwyn, Tarah was also fostered at Marrowmont. To anyone with eyes, she has always followed Emryk around, mooning after him quite determinedly. She currently dwells in Rivergard, helping her brother run the House there. (16 years)

Rainwood & Cape Wrath Houses

  • Leonella Herston: House Herston. The youngest daughter of House Herston is quite pretty, with the rounded features of the rest of her family. Still a young girl, House Herston has begun seeking good alliances for her betrothal. By all indications, she has learned her mother's household management skills quite well. (12 years)
  • Emberlei Kellington: House Kellington. The middle daughter of House Kellington is, as expected from House Kellington, quite well-educated and literate. With the dark hair common to her family, Emberlei has a somewhat husky, smoky voice and isn't particularly tall. She is known to speak several languages, and to have studied the healing arts with the maester at Tomekeep. (16 years)
  • Tanda Mertyns: Heir of House Mertyns. The young Tanda is the heir of House Mertyns, having seen a lifetime of tragedy. Though lovely to look at, she carries with her melancholy airs. She is a skilled singer and plays the harp beautifully. (13 years)
  • Baerba Rogers: House Rogers. The sister to Ser Kirth and cousin to the lord of House Rogers, Baerba knows it's only a matter of time before she is married off. She is a plain young woman, with brown hair, whose only real trait of any note is that she quite loves her dogs, a small pack of terriers who are almost never parted from her. (15 years)
  • Corenna Staedmon: House Staedmon. The youngest of the Staedmons and great-granddaughter to Lord Staedmon, Corenna is a sprightly girl, fond of running through the House's gardens and riding, despite the odd brace she must wear on one of her legs due to a deformation of the limb at birth. At present, House Staedmon is simply seeking a betrothal until she flowers. (10 years)

Shipbreaker Bay Houses

  • Amarei Errol: Lord of House Errol's Niece. Mischevious and far too clever for her own good, Amarei would have made a good knight if she'd been born a boy. Of course, the family tends to agree: it's probably her older brother's fault she's so unmanageable, as he used to take her on his adventures into the countryside with him when he was newly-knighted, and is even rumored to have taught her to fight with dirk and sword. (16 years)
  • Alyse Errol: Lord of House Errol's Niece. The smiling lass of Haystack Hall is a blonde beauty, and loves song and dance. Far more girlish than her older sister, Alyse nonetheless adores her older sister, and the two are inseperable friends. (15 years)
  • Brienne of Tarth: House Tarth. A warrior in Lord Renly's retinue, the horse-faced Brienne is sometimes mockingly called "Brienne the Beauty." She declared long ago that she would never marry a man unless he could best her in a feat of arms, which several have tried and failed to do. (19 years)
  • Jonelle Wensington: House Wensington. XX (14 years)

Kingswood Houses

  • Falia Swygert: Daughter of the Lord of House Swygert. The oldest of the Swygert children, Falia is quiet and has readily stepped in to care for her siblings with the death of her mother and the mourning of her father. (14 years)

Dornish Marches Houses

Eastern Marches (The Reach) Houses