Northern Swords Street

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Map Key
  • 1: Blackstaff Tower (Residence; B, 4)
  • 2: Sablehearth (Residence; B, 4)
  • 3: Delzimmer Townhouse (Residence; B, 4)
  • 4: Sapphire House (Inn; B, 5)
  • 5: Flagon Dragon (Tavern; C, 2)
  • 6: Jhrual's Dance (Festhall; C, 3)
  • 7: The Spires of Morning (Temple to Lathander; A, 3)
  • 8: The Eightower (Residence; B, 4)
The Gem of the North
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  • Blackstaff Tower (1): The residence of the Archmage of Waterdeep, and his myriad apprentices and household.
  • Sablehearth (Rental Townhouse) (2): Owned by House Irlingstar, Sablehearth is a luxurious townhome with fine rooftop gardens. It is at current unoccupied.
  • Delzimmer Townhouse (3): Dwarven nobles.
  • The Eightower (8): A four story tower, with its lower two stories set in a wide octagonal base, this was once the residence of the wizardess Syndra Wands. It is constructed in the style of the Shoon, with small minarets flanking the entrance, and a walkway through an herb garden leading to its entrance. It has remained unoccupied since the death of Syndra in 1238 DR.



  • Sapphire House (4): Inn, Rooming House (4c•3p•4a) An expensive rooming five-story house across Swords Street from Blackstaff Tower that has provided room and board for more than one of the Blackstaff's apprentices who found the Tower to be a little too confining.


  • The Flagon Dragon (5): Tavern (2c•3p) A modest neighborhood pub renowned for its zzar (Waterdhavian mulled wine) and talyths (a palm-sized cracker with a thin slice of sausage on top, and a mixture of cheese, herbs, mashed root vegetables and other ingredients whose recipe is a house secret)


  • Jhrual's Dance (6): Festhall (4c•3p) Nowhere near as raucous as many festhalls, Jhrual prides himself on the seductive, intimate environment he fosters in his hall. Plenty of alcoves and nooks to hide in with someone in close company, all surrounding a stage where his festhall workers dance to advertise their wares. His festhall is also notable for its equal proportion of men and women performers.


  • The Spires of Morning (7): Temple to Lathander. A walled compound surrounding seven towers crafted of dusky rose marble, accented and capped with fine scrollwork of copper, silver and gold that reflects the dawn's light. More than 300 clerics are based out of the Spires, as is the Order of the Aster, a Lathanderan order of knights.