Stormlands Bachelors

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Marchwater Vale Houses

  • Ser Donnel Swann: Heir of House Swann. Though not quite the warrior his younger brother is, Ser Donnel is an astute politician. He is thinly muscled and handsome, with the chestnut hair of his family, and a close-shorn beard. He splits his time between Stonehelm and Storm's End, where he is part of Renly Baratheon's court. (Age 31)
  • Ser Balon Swann: House Swann. The second son of Lord Gulian Swann, Ser Balon is tall and broad-chested. Tremendously strong, he is good with the lance, better with the morningstar and exceptional with the bow. Balon is quiet, perceptive rather than sullen. (Age 27)
  • Ser Emeryk Graben: Lord of House Graben. (16 years)
  • Ser Brice Willum: Heir of House Willum. (19 years)
  • Ser Joshen Lohaq: House Lohaq. A handsome blonde knight with the best features of his parents, Ser Joshen is a knight in Lord Renly's service. He has gained something of a reputation as a rake, and there are even whispers that he might occasionally dally with men - a reputation that doesn't bother his worldly father. (20 years)
  • Ser Hodmar Kraedmyr: House Kraedmyr. Unmarried and seemingly content to stay that way, Ser Hodmar is Lord Gardland's younger brother, and a knight in service to House Kraedmyr. Though he has been offered a place in Lord Swann's entourage, he has demurred, preferring to remain at Gryphmont in service to his brother. He is known as something of a rakish fellow, often found in the beds of pretty villagers in the Kraedmyr domains. (27 years)
  • Ser Dorun Seraen, the Hawk Knight: House Seraen. A cousin of the main branch of House Seraen, Ser Dorun has been in House Swann's court since he was a squire. He is known as the "Hawk Knight" to his fellows for his arms, which feature a hawk in flight over a tower, rather than his House's traditional arms. He is also an expert hawker, and usually travels with a fine Gyrfalcon that clings to his arm or to the perch he's had build into the front of his saddle. (29 years)
  • Lord Alwyn Wachstrom: Lord of House Wachstrom. Young lord Alwyn inherited Rivergard three years ago when his father died in his sleep after a week of wheezing, coughing illness. Alwyn fostered at the Graben seat and was childhood friends of its two oldest children. A severe young man who is perhaps too-mindful of his duties, Alwyn has been searching for a bride for several years now. (24 years)
  • Ser Narbert Grandison: Heir of House Grandison, Household Knight to Stannis Baratheon. A grim-faced man of advancing years, Ser Narbert has served Lord Stannis since fighting as a young man in Robert's Rebellion. He was among those who survived the Siege of Storm's End. (35 years)

Rainwood & Cape Wrath Houses

  • Ser Harrold Herston: Heir of House Herston. A melancholy and withdrawn young man, Ser Harrold recently lost his wife in childbirth. Married less than two years, Ser Harrold seems to have little interest in his responsibilities, a concern to his ill father. (21 years)
  • Ser Godric Kelmore Heir of House Kelmore, Knight for House Kellington. A somewhat homely young man, Ser Godric is quickly making a name for himself in tourneys. He has a reputation as a solid, tactically-minded warrior, and a shy man around pretty girls. (19 years)
  • Ser Kirth Rogers: Cousin and Knight of House Rogers. Though more than one person has warned Lady Cimbre that having a young, ambitious man around a House whose lord is yet an infant, Ser Kirth has given no cause for concern. Quite the opposite, in face: he seems to dote on his young cousins and treats Lady Cimbre with deep reverence and chivalry. He has proven himself the champion of House Rogers on more than one occasion. (19 years)

Shipbreaker Bay Houses

  • Ser Courtnay Penrose: Heir of House Penrose, Castellan of Storm's End. Shaven-headed, with a spade-shaped red beard, Ser Courtnay is the Castellan of Storm's End and one of Lord Renly's most trusted retainers. He is a proud and stubborn man, although honorable and skilled at arms. (33 years)
  • Lord Lorimas Wagstaff: Lord of House Wagstaff. A boy who has been a lord for five years, young Lorimas is just growing into adolescence. He has a head of short blonde hair, and shows the promise of strength in adulthood. (11 years)

Kingswood Houses

  • Lord Ralph Buckler: Lord of House Buckler. The lord of a minor House sworn to Storm's End, Lord Ralph is a passable knight. His seat, Bronzegate lies on the roads between King's Landing and the Stormlands. (27 years)
  • Ser Edmure Hasty: Grandson of the Lord of House Hasty. Recently returned to his House seat from a decade of leal service to Lord Stannis Baratheon on Dragonstone, Ser Edmure now seeks a wife. He is a quiet, somewhat portly man, though a fine horseman. (34 years)
  • Lord Lasman Swygert: Lord of House Swygert. Only recently come out of mourning for his beloved Sarella's recent death, Lord Lasman seeks a wife to be lady of his House and mother to his children. (46 years)

Dornish Marches Houses

  • Lord Beric Dondarrion: Lord of House Dondarrion. Strong and handsome, young Beric has been Lord of Blackhaven for four years now, since his father passed in a border skirmish with some Dornishmen. This has made him somewhat serious, but not so much that young ladies don't often sigh and daydream about breaking through that hardened exterior. (21 years)
  • XXX: House Lonmouth. XX (X years)
  • XXX: House Peasebury. XX (X years)
  • XXX: House Trant. XX (X years)

Eastern Marches (The Reach) Houses

  • XXX: House Cockshaw. XX (X years)
  • XXX: House Pommingham. XX (X years)
  • XXX: House Pommingham. XX (X years)
  • XXX: House Sloane. XX (X years)
  • Ser Josua Willum: House Willum. The second son, Josua shows a great deal of promise. Though he is no match for Elyas' swordsmanship skills, he seems to be a fine tactician. His weakness seems to be young women, though he's not a rake; the simple fact is that his fine face, stunning grey eyes and fighter's frame makes him irresistable to young women, who often approach him with lascivious intent. He's been caught abed with more than a few young women of the household staff before. (18 years)
  • Ser Elyas Willum: House Willum. An excellent swordsman and skilled horseman, Ser Elyas was knighted after an unexpected victory at a Highgarden tourney by Lord Mace Tyrell himself. Ser Elyas takes a great deal of pride in his exalted anointing, and he can tend towards a certain level of brash arrogance. (17 years)